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Zero Calorie Miracle Noodles @ Tamoya Udon

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~Invited Session~


Bijin noodles is the buzzword starting 28 March, hailed as the zero calorie miracle noodle, these konjac root shirataki noodles are high in fibre and low in carbohydrates! Perfect for those on special diets, particularly vegans and those seeking gluten-free options. On top of that, they have proven to aid weight loss in Japan, so I guess that is also the secret to the #slimlife? You are what you eat cannot be more true.

Shiraki noodles come in 4 different flavours,


Oooh-mami 美人麵 ($10.80)
XO sauce, onsen egg, dried sakura ebi, fresh spring onions, bonito flakes


This still remains a favourite from their udon menu and having it with shirataki noodles was equally satisfying and I have to give props to the seasoning that is so spot on! The magic definitely lies in the XO sauce and dried sakura ebi.


Cold 美人麵 ($8.80)

Reminiscent of a salad bowl, this has all the colours one needs in an appetizing meal. I love the crunch of the vegetables and the side of minced meat topping.


It is as instagrammable as it gets. 


Beef Kake 美人麵 ($11.80)
Dashi soup broth, beef or pork

Pork Sanuki 美人麵 ($10.80)
Savoury soy dashi broth with a choice of beef or pork


Both of these bowls are served piping hot and there is an option of beef or pork in either. Perfect for rainy days and one is craving for a soupy dish to warm things up. Word has it that they are phasing out the nabe series so I guess this comes in handy too!

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