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Shuu Choux @ Raffles City Basement

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Raffles City's Basement is a gourmet hall with treats like these available at every turn. Finally I caved into these after checking out their grilled cheese sandwiches and every other treat there is - haha, finally choux puffs.


Bulbous and beautifully browned, these choux puffs come in 4 different flavours, original, black sesame, earl grey and matcha.


So flowy, oozy and luscious. Tampopo's cream puffs are hard to beat and Shuu's definitely ranks a close third. I love how finger licking good the custard is. Almost drinkable, if made into a liquid dessert.


Another liquid dessert in the making with thick black sesame cream filling the light puffs. It is hard to decide a favourite, except these make really good post dinner treats.

$4.30 for each, slightly on the pricier side but worth the pennies I say! I didn't fancy Nesuto but I do like this other concept!

Shuu Choux @ 52 Sandwich Shack
Raffles City Basement B1-54

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