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Henri Charpentier @ Tanjong Pagar Center

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Henri Charpentier first opened their doors in Kobe in 1969 and has been bringing quality french sweets to the table and delighting thousands. Their first flagship opened in Dempsey and I never summoned enough resolute just for their desserts so happiness is me when I walk back and forth their glass display counter deciding what to order!


Strawberry Roll ($5.40)

With the amount of cream piled on top, I was expecting a soggy affair.  Lo and behold, it was far from that with a strawberry surprise hidden within too! We all agreed this was money well spent and calories well consumed.


Red Velvet Roll ($4.90)

I love my red velvets and while I found the best red velvet cupcake, finding THE red velvet cake or swiss roll was another cake game altogether.

The red velvet flavour was on point, I loved the deep red colouring of this and it made me feel almost nationalistic eating this - hurhur, the red and white! Normally swiss rolls are too light, filled with too much cream or too sweet, Henri Charpentier's version is just right with an addictive density to the swiss roll.

Red Velvet Cake 


Choux Puff ($4.90)

I once declared Tampopo's the best of its kind, until Henri's for sure. The delicate puff exuded a buttery charm from fragrance to that unmistakable aromatic first bite. I was sold through and through when the light whipped cream gave way to an equally delectable vanilla bean custard and almond sponge. So many layers but just so good. I felt almost bad for sharing this delightful little treat already.


Souffle Cheesecake ($6.40)

Light as a feather and almost melts into nothingness. This souffle cheesecake hardly tastes of cheese, but the joy is in its jellied exterior and marshmellow softness.


Double Cheesecake ($7.50)

This is a beauty to behold, with gold specks sprinkled over the cheesecake dust. The slice is tiny for a cheesecake but definitely not to be belittled. That creamy and rich flavours of this double  cheesecake left so much to be desired for. Exquisitely put together with so many different layers and boy, best cheesecake for sure. Move over, rich and heavy cheesecakes this one's in for the kill. No wonder, a best seller.


Apricot Tartin ($4.80) 


Apple Tartin ($4.80)

There's a limited range of baked goods sold too and apart from financiers and croissants, their tarts caught my eye. French style tarts are fruit baked on a very flat pastry base and in this case it was like pizza and the consistency was on the dense side. Between apricot and apple, I prefer the latter.

Financiers ($3.50)
Original, Matcha, Chocolate

These buttery slices are a tad sweet and chocolate's a favourite of the three!


Creme Biscuits


Dry cream sandwiched between the crumbly butter cookies. 

Desserts are on the pricey side but every item was spot on. They give extra care into their takeaways, ensuring even that the cakes do not collapse en route.

Henri Charpentier
Tanjong Pagar Center

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