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Myo Restobar @ Oxley Tower

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~Invited Session~

Myo Restobar's Chinese name is a play on the Chinese words, 妙嚥 miào yàn which means “to swallow wonder”. Myo is Kia Hiang, rebranded with signature classic homestyle Cantonese dishes from their International Plaza outlet and dimsum from their Kim Tian branch.

Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken ($18)

Fans of Kia Hiang will remember this, a cabbage draped spring chicken showered in a bath of sauces and spices. The cabbage was simmered till it was melt in the mouth, same with the chicken that was so tender the bones were absolutely unnecessary to remove. It is cardinal sin returning the claypot with any of the gravy left because it is just too tasty. Great with their best selling brown rice.

Baked Hamachi Collar in Butter Sauce ($18 each)

The butter sauce made all things tasty and I like how this had a surprising taste profile, laced with a certain tanginess that makes this baked fish collar so appetizing.

Angus Tenderloin Cubes with Garlic and Broccoli ($18)

Stir fried plate of yum with these beef cubes - I have no real beef with either the tenderloin or sirloin cute especially when they're in cubes. Gotta love the wok hei here.

Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Ginseng ($6)

Double Boiled Watercress Soup

The soups are hearty bowls and would make Grandmama proud.

Yumcha fans can now rejoice with all day dimsum dining is available at Myo Restobar, me included. Those were the days I have to take leave for a leisurely dimsum brunch or rise early enough on a weekend just for those bites of joy.

Gold Foil Dumplings with Assorted Mushrooms ($4.80)

Luxuriously ornamented with gold leaves, these plump mushroom dumplings make a delicious treat.

Flaky Angus Beef Pastry ($5.80)

Beef is not usually the choice of protein for dimsum, though beef orange peel balls are the closest to using it. The same pastry was used for char siew sou and the flaky pastry and black pepper beef was a tasty combination. In other words, a must try.

Healthy Walnut Buns ($4)

These cute walnut shaped buns are shaped larger than walnuts and are filled generously with diced walnuts and walnut paste. Meant only for a dessert or at least a nut fan, else this would be an overload. That said, I am loving it!

Braised Chicken Feet with Abalone Sauce

Young Coconut Stewed with Peach Gum and Egg White ($8)

Peach gum is a health food and is increasingly used in desserts. Positioned as an excellent skin tonic, ladies are highly recommended to have seconds of this. Not too sweet and very refreshing, there is no better way to end off the meal with something light and quenching.

CNY menus are priced from $148 for 4 pax and the menus feature a combination of both dimsum and their signature dishes.


If any of the above does not appeal, they offer delicious craft beers at pocket friendly prices and a lovely night view too.

Myo Restobar
19-01 Oxley tower, 138 Robinson Rd

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