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CNY 2018:

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I was introduced to this year as a must buy for pineapple tarts. Word has it that Calleen had a stint at Le Cordon Bleu and dabbled in cakes before churning out these highly soft after festive babies.


I scored the Prosperity Bundle that showcases the season's selections all in one and in miniatures! I cannot deal with a cookie I do not fancy and still have to eat through the whole tub. Cuts wastage methinks.


Handwritten tags for that personal touch.


In its full golden glory at the top 9. I got lost in the sea of flavours, matcha, earl grey lemon, cheese, hae bi hiam, tom yum, black sesame, seaweed, salted egg, original!


The salted egg deserves a mention alongside hae bi hiam which is my favourite flavor of the pack. I love how buttery the crust is and mildly sweet the pineapple filling is, it doesn't crack at all and infact just melts away into deliciosity. Salted egg has to trump all the snacks that are raging with the right balance of sweet and savoury.


Needless to say the original is a winning recipe - I'm definitely ordering them again next CNY!


Dark chocolate sables and cornflake cookies also formed the pack that gave a preview of the baking prowess - both aren't as outstanding as the pineapple tarts unfortunately.


So which cookies will you be stuffing your faces with today?

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