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Panko Revisited @ Arab Street

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The funny thing about food choices is, I suspect I am a comfort food eater and I head back to these options every now and then because I crave a guaranteed good meal. It is even odder that I return for the exact same dishes I enjoyed previously too - talk about creature of habit.


I am a fan of the whole vibe of the place, the neon lights, the whole hole in wall kinda feels though it is pretty much an illusion since the world outside those doors is a maddening busy street.


Party at Panko over the weekend means unlimited drinks at $40++ per head for two hours! Beer, sake, shochu, whiskey or wine are up for grabs. The only catch is - how much can you drink and if those drinks are available.


The over ordering starteths.

Wagyu Beef ($6)


Pork Belly ($3)


Pork Arabiki Sausage ($3)


Prawn ($6)

Japanese Oyster with Tartar ($8)

Young Corn ($2)

Asapargus with Garlic Mayo ($6)

Mochi with Bacon and Mentaiko Mayo ($5)

Up to here, these were repeats and still kept our bellies so happy.


Chicken Fillet Cheese ($18)

Think breaded chicken stuffed with cheese, a simple kind of satisfaction.


Cod Milt ($18)

Clearly no puffer fish sperm but it's a mid priced shirako. Still delicious I say!


Beef Curry 5 Kushikatsu ($28)

The best value I'd say with 5 sticks of kushikatsu to go with beef curry! Coco ichibanya clearly changed my view of Japanese curry in general, and Panko definitely seconded that view. Fried food with curry is certainly on point delicious, there is truly a world beyond the rendangs and curry chickens out there.


Hamachi Kama Shioyaki ($25)

Pork collar, fish collar I seem to have developed a love for these animal parts. And odd as it sounds and queer as it is, I am clearly not a fish fan but I enjoyed this.



Back to the unlimited two hours #partyatpanko deal, we had a couple of drinks and it will be great if cocktails are included because some of the drinks were unavailable which "forces" you to order from the remaining drinks because of the fee already paid. Don't drink, so lugi?

Drinks aside, Panko is still a favourite place for kushi katsu, every visit has been consistently good.

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