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Aragan Yokocho Sunway @ Sunway Velocity Mall, Kuala Lumpur

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I was drawn to Sunway Velocity Mall mainly because of the durian traditional egg sponge cake and lunch was chosen because of variety of dishes and we wanted to avoid the crowds as much as possible - the irony, when I picked the newest mall.

Orders are placed via ipads, note that there is no chance of reviewing your order since clicking send locks it in.

Kushihakkei 5 Assorted (RM 27)

5 sticks of decently tasty breaded sticks, of course, Panko would have topped the race but this was really not too shabby.


Komeichi - Gyu Don Set (RM 30)

With expectations like yoshinoya, I dare say we were absolutely blown away by this gyudon. A dish so simple yet done right.

Teriyaki Chicken Don (RM 19)

Grill kissed chicken on a bed of fluffy rice.

Soft Shell Crab Roll (RM 37)

Strangely so pricey, given how the other courses were more affordable. I've honestly not had a bad soft shell crab and this was legit.


Shoyu Ramen (RM 21)

Hearty slurpworthy ramen, I swear this could put some pork ramen to shame even.

It is a pity that this concept is not drawing the crowds it should.

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