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Uma Yakitori Revisited @ Orchard Plaza

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With two visits under a fortnight, it was no brainer where I still wanted to go for yakitori. Reservations are not necessary on a weekday but I made them anyway, the maximum that a table can take is 6 rather squeezily, if not counter seats are your best bet.

This round with a bigger group, I was thrilled to be able to try their carb dishes. Hooray! 


Udon ($6.20)

I was never an udon fan because they are usually bland noodles but Uma's came with a type of seaweed, fishcakes and a hearty broth. Almost an instant convert and the Dad who usually has plenty to say about udon also ate in satisfying silence.


Oyako Don ($6.20)

Egg, chicken and rice in a single hearty bowl. I can never quite wrap my finger around how something so simple can be done so right.


Zou Sui ($5.80)
Japanese chicken porridge

I least expected a vavavroom congee Japanese dish - think boiled rice with broth and chicken pieces but this in its boiling temperatures was so befitting of chicken soup for the soul. Three bowls later, we declared this the best chicken porridge of all time.


Rice ($3.80)

Nobody is complaining when it is Japanese rice.


Yaki Onigiri ($5.80)

Grilled rice balls and that was really just it to describing this humble looking yet beautifully shaped mould of rice. Yet there was something beautiful blooming in those charred till crispy grains. Perfect with a dash of soya, these had me eating out of the plate literally.


Sanya ($9.80)


Blackened with such skill, the skin was still crispy not burnt and the meat inspite of the bones had plenty of flavour.

Sasa Kama ($4.80)
Fishcake from North Japan


Satsuma-age ($4.80)
Fishcake from South Japan

I found the north japan fishcake sweeter than that of south japan. The latter came with grated ginger and packed a firmer bite. Both are delicious in my opinion, just a preference of sweetness.


Yakitori Assorted ($12.50)


Recommendation Assorted ($13.80)

This selection changes every now and then, this platter featured chicken skin, cow's liver amongst the usual suspects of chicken and pork.


Beef Tongue ($6)

I do not usually eat innards but pass me beef tongue and I cannot resist. These fine slices were sinewy and actually perfectly grilled.

Sirloin Beef and Spring Onion ($5.90)

I may be pampered with the wagyus to find the sirloin a tad tough, props for their grilling skills however.


Uzura ($4.90)

Quail's egg must be a joyous ingredient to work with, tastes great both kushiaki-ed or grilled. 


Shisamo ($5.60)

Somehow ordering the grilled seafood assortment at $9 and 2 shisamos proved to be more value for money than the ala carte! Lesson learnt!


Assorted Vegetables ($10.80)

The smoky fragrance and perfect char even on vegetables just baffles me how 


Skewer joy.


And empty bowls to prove a point.

Every visit ends so beautifully, I wonder if there is even a bad dish on the menu - rightfully it should be this way and every item is presented with so much pride and the best of the kitchen. Amazing kitchen philosophy and a gem to keep! 

Uma Yakitori and Kushiaki
150 Orchard Rd #01-26/27/28

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