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Para Thai @ One KM Mall

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For fans of Paradise Group, One KM Mall is the only mall around with a whole row of restaurants under the group - steamboat, thai and chinese, leaving consumers so spoilt for choice. Para Thai,  helmed  by a culinary team from Thailand promises an authentic experience like no other - and I was keeping my eyes peeled.


The whole restaurant had very thought provoking pieces like these, I loved the casual vibe.


Spacious for throngs of diners.


Appetizers ($3) of prawn crackers and that tantalizing dip that awoke the senses. Loved the spiciness! Something so simple but we had a cracking good time!


Homemade Minced Pork in Rice Noodle Wrap ($6.90)


I have a love hate relationship with rice rolls, I love my cheong fun but am on the fence about chee cheong fun though they are essentially made of the same ingredients. I have had awesome rice rolls in Vietnam but not in Thailand so this was new to me, from a Thai cuisine point of view.

Rice roll sheets enveloping minced meat and chye poh, topped with sliced chilli. Tasty stuff.


Pandan Rice ($1.20)

White and green rice they both offer, this packs a coconuty fragrance and fluffy rice grains which may prove too heavy if curries are on the menu. Otherwise, the spicy and tangy dishes should be able to do this justice.


Stir Fried Minced Pork with Basil and Leaves ($9.90)

Heavy handed in fish sauce, this is great with rice though not as spicy as the streets of Bangkok would offer up.


Steamed Seabass with Lime and Chilli ($32.90)

Now this was what I came for, superbly fresh and steamed. The flavours spot on with a tangy and fiery end to a somewhat timid looking steamed fish. A  must order I say, before they next up their prices again!

Friendly staff with delicious dishes to boot, not quite pocket friendly as most say but it is worth the while. Plus, $30 spent gets you free parking already.

Para Thai
One KM Mall

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