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My Dining Room Revisited @ Suntec City

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This entry was lurking in my draft folder for so long, almost more than half a year overdue and finally I have gotten down to immortalizing it in words. My Dining Room was heavily visited in the later part of 2015 mainly because of Groupon vouchers and this revisit was made because of the set menu they offered which sounded like a good deal - anything with peking duck thrown in is a good deal as a rule of thumb.


Egg crepes with sliced duck skin was their version of peking duck, I still prefer the carb heavier options of mantou or even popiah wraps which give more oomph when sinking my teeth into.


Fish slices stewed with beer in hot stone pot

An excellent brew with a delectable aftertaste, there is just something about beer in soups that makes the world such a better place. Good lord, I already sound like a drunkard typing that.


Pan-fried Japanese King Scallop and Brocolli

Scallops and brocolli, a usual combination yet the seared edges made all the difference.


Slipper Lobster with Garlic and Chilli

Plenty of wok hei captured in this shelled baby together with the wonderment of garlic and chilli - smoking delicious times await.


Chilled Pork Belly

I found the chilled dish average, but it could really just be me and chilled dishes that lack a distinct flavour and taste.


Fish in Claypot

Claypot dishes at My Dining Room seem to be signature, a personal preference as well since food is kept piping hot and the meat is able to soak up the juices perfectly.


Stewed Lufta Gourd with Vermicelli and Conpoy

I hardly rave about vegetables given one and all are about the same yet this lufta gourd in vermicelli and conpoy was one of those memorable vegetable dishes that impresses with the robust stock.


Fried Venison with Ginger and Spring Onion

Another zichar hot favourite, ginger and spring onions in a single dish so cleverly put together.


Chinese Cabbage with Dried Beancurd Skin in Chicken Soup

Chicken stock had to be the key to unlocking their delicious vegetable dishes, gives more depth to just oil, garlic and vegetables.


Braised Eefu Noodles

Once again, a delight to eat with well controlled wok hei and enough of mushrooms!


Barley and Beancurd Skin Sweet Soup

A welcomed dessert instead of the usual set menu desserts! Great for the hot weather too.

Another enjoyable encounter with very good value and quality dishes at My Dining Room.

My Dining Room
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