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Joy's @ Uptown Sweets @ Owen Road

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I have not met anyone who can resist a macaron  - coloured so pretty and sugary sweet, any bad day is turned good with a nibble. These are my weakness infact, a huge one. Paris made me a total convert, throwing me into the deep ends of sugar-die-me with so many brands retailing these sweet nibblets. Thankfully, in Singapore we do not have such to-die-for options if not I have every reason to worry about the already expanding waistline.

Joy's at Owen Road is almost hidden in the neighbouring blocks but those who know, know. Orders for her highly sought after macarons are taken online - on her fan page in particular with flavours made known regularly and fans lap them up by the boxes.

Mid-Autumn gave me a chance to check these babies out - I promptly ordered a box of 10 with 4 flavours and they came so beautifully made - happy feet and all. The filling was chunky monkey kind of glorious, I wrinkle my nose at stingy bakers - who eats macarons with mostly sugar shells and measly fillings? These were mostly flavoured buttercream and an additional surprise within!


Classic Melon

Speckled with melon seeds, the melon paste was mildly sweet and sugar shells somewhat too sweet.

Premium Salted Yolk

I adored this best with the delicate balance of savoury and sweet achieved. There was even a wedge of salted egg yolk within!

Black White Sesame

Easy to like and discern.

White Lotus Orange Chocolate

This was complex with a chocolate coated white lotus paste as a filling, this was my second favourite from this batch.

Looks like I will be joining the rest in camping out for the new flavours too!

A repurchase opportunity arose when Joys had a rainbow series - perfect for the holidays. I mean who can resist a rainbow coloured range?


Rose Tea Ganache
Lavender  Earl Grey

The tea flavours were rather mild for me.

Orange Chocolate
Blueberry Dark Oreo

Whole blueberries were tasted! Personally fruity flavours are a hit and miss for me.

Vanilla Speculoos with Cookie Butter

Speculoos and cookie butter are both weaknesses, combine them in one and this was definitely a toothsome treat!

Pistachio Intense
Intense Chocolate

Intense it was, indeed!


I never quite imagined how bubble gum would taste like in anything else but this was really sweet!


Bon Appetit!

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