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Baikohken Ramen @ One KM Mall

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Being half an Easterner, I always find my ramen choices very limited. Is it a Bugis-CBD-Orchard phenomenon that somehow attributes to the mushrooming of these specialty shops but are exceptionally scarce in other parts?

Nonetheless I was thankful to find Baikohken at One KM Mall to silence that craving. Hokkaido style ramen for the meal!


Baikohken Ramen

When in doubt, just head for the original. Pork broth with spring onions and bamboo shoots. 




Tantan Mee

This can pass off as a chinese noodle dish with a supposedly spicy broth.


Thicker than usual ramen noodles that could be passed off as instant noodles with a better bite.


The best part of the dish is the side plate of goodies - comes with the runny egg, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and char siew!

Average ramen place in my opinion, not as authentic as several others I have attempted.

Baikohken Ramen
One KM Mall

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