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Perfect Italiano’s cheesy wantons!

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I am a self confessed food junkie and snacking is my favourite past time next to scouring supermarts for groceries and snacks. I was scratching my head for a single recipe that would fit the bill as a snack – most importantly easy to make and eat!

Seeking some inspiration from the Mom’s wanton recipe, I tweaked it and added cheese for that east-west marriage! With Chinese New Year around the corner, this was even more auspicious, shaped just like ingots!


A winning recipe this is and so very easy to prepare and make! Plus, two very special ingredients, Perfect Italiano’s Pizza Plus, a special blend of Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan cheeses for that extra stretchy cheese strings with superior taste and extra flavor,  and Perfect Italiano Parmesan for sharp after taste! Mamma mia indeed!

Adding of Parmesan cheese* is optional. It is not a requirement for the recipe (as Perfect Italiano’s Pizza Plus already contains Parmesan) but I like the strong bold taste Parmesan adds to the dish. If you would like to keep it simple you can choose to just add in more Pizza Plus Cheese!

Feeds 2 comfortably.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes


1 tablespoon of cooking oil
10 wanton skinsA cup of water

Wanton Filling

80g minced pork
20g diced shrimp
Salt and pepper to taste
240g of Pizza plus cheese
15g of parmesan cheese *


Mix all the wanton filling ingredients together in a bowl.


Spoon a teaspoon into a wanton skin until it is 1/3 filled.


Wet the edges of the wanton skin with water and fold in the edges.


Heat oil in wok and panfry till wantons turn golden brown.


Serve whilst hot!



Isn’t this oh so easy peasy and done before you even realise it! My main grouse is ensuring I do not polish them off whilst cooking!


Happy new year and Huat ah!!

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