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CNY 2016: Four Seasons Duck @ Capitol Piazza

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Four Seasons is a household name for roast ducks beyond the shores of Singapore, I have seen outlets in Bangkok and they even have franchises in London too. This London brand of roast duck has finally arrived in Singapore, at the swanky Capitol Piazza no less.

Reunion dinner was arranged at Four Seasons Duck and it was one of those rare occasions that we sat back and relaxed the whole dinner and let someone else take over the stress of a homecooked meal. Two seatings meant our dinner was bright and early at 530pm.


Bountiful Harvest Platter
Deep Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper, Mini Spring Rolls, Chilled Spicy Jelly Fish, Crispy Pork Belly

Instead of yusheng, we opted to have the dish swopped for a cold dish combination. Looked completely pale and unappetizing strangely. The mini spring rolls and tender fried squids worked for me.


Double-boiled Shark's Fin Soup with Chicken and Dried Scallop

This was beginning to feel and taste alot like a wedding banquet, except this took almost eternity to arrive.


Four Seasons London Signature Roast Duck

Two things I look out for in a roast duck, amount of fats and crispiness of skin. The Four Seasons London Roast duck had a reasonable layer of fat and super crispy skin but the taste test ended up a tad too sweet for me.


Deep Fried Marble Goby in Superior Stock with Garlic, Beancurd and Shimeiji Mushroom

The milky gravy had me wondering what exactly was it - fermented tofu? Until the end I had not gotten it figured out except the deep fried fish was a platter of crispiness.


Stewed Pork Trotter with Dried Oyster and Black Moss

Instead of pencai, we had stewed pork trotters. Once again, laced with a certain sweetness that was cloyingly so for a number of dishes. I consider this a miss.


House Special "Pei Pa" Beancurd

My favourite of the lot, a house made beancurd special.


Braised Sliced Abalone, Black Mushrooms and Seasonal Vegetables

Pathetically small portions unfortunately.


Steamed Rice with Seafood wrapped with Lotus Leaf served in Bamboo Basket

Season with their XO sauce for that delicious finish, otherwise this was mostly bland and just steamed. Fresh steamed prawns adorned the steamed rice, making it quite a pretty sight.


Chilled Fresh Mango Juice with Sago and Pomelo

After all the dishes, I was thankful we finally reached dessert. Thick mango juice with pomelo sacs and sago.


Pan-fried Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake

The sweet finale, a battered rice cake for good luck! 

Service was expectedly slow and very muddled, who serves the third course first without the first? Subsequent dishes took way more than just hurrying and reminders, it left us mostly frustrated and almost full by the time we were half way through. And it was only when they realised that they needed the table back by 745pm that the dishes appeared fast and furious.

Perhaps dining over such a shorthanded period is a bad gauge of their usual service standards,

$788++ for 10 pax.

Four Seasons Duck
Capitol Piazza

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