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CNY 2016: Festive Cafe @ Genting Jurong

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CNY always brings the worst out of my dining habits - the tendency to overeat in particular and consecutive meals of yusheng, dried oyster and black moss and also nian gao makes me uber moody. Hooray when buffet was brought to the table, at least I have choices!

Genting Jurong, a hotel under the Resorts World Group is located in far flung Jurong - hooray for budget travellers as shuttle is provided to the casinos on Sentosa Island.


On the first day of new year, Festive Cafe possibly had the cheapest buffet deal in town - $32++ inclusive of Yusheng and freeflow drinks.

The dishes that made an impression for me,


Self Toss Yusheng

While online stated that "a complimentary plate of fresh salmon served to table", there was none of that. That said, how often do you get a buffet with freeflow yusheng even? You can toss to your heart's content without worrying about per plate costs.


Sushi and Maki rolls

I actually liked this counter enough to head back for refills, a rarity at buffets I must say.


Chef's Signature Chilli Crab and Mantou

Top marks for effort, this version of chilli crab was definitely not award winning but good enough for the buffet table. Reasonably meaty crabs and a piquant sauce great with fried mantous. A clear cut situation of mai hiam buay pai.


Chicken Satay with Condiments

Surprisingly good, in fact my favourite from the buffet. These juicy chunks were probably fried in the kitchen and served with a thick peanut sauce, onions and rice cake, I was in for a hawkerlicious time!


Chef's Signature Noodle of the Day

This live station was another of those surprise finds at the buffet, it was just kuay teow in a starchy broth that resembled horfun.

Freeflow drinks

Softdrinks, water, coffee and tea included. I sound like a sucker already, yet these are the things that ought to be included in a buffet!

And of course, those that did not,


Sweet and Sour Soup

Not sweet nor sour.


One Serving Only Pen Cai

Impressive yes but the ingredients in the pot all came from the buffet.


The dishes added up to an average cai png meal.


Neither did the western options.


Freshly Baked Waffles


Yes they tried to please, too hard to please infact and I say stick with the CNY goodies or potong icecream instead.

Just in case you are wondering, they have a selection of seafood too.




A decently average first time that ended with 财神爷 making his rounds and distributing gold coins. Children get something special too! 

Festive Cafe
Genting Jurong Hotel

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