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Bar-a-thym @ Gemmil Lane

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Modern French.
A chef touted to be Julien Royer's successor.


And the diehard romantic had something up his sleeves for our celebratory dinner - we survived two years together! Bar-a-thym at Gemmil Lane stands out for being yet another French Restaurant and it being opened on a Sunday as well as public holidays is horribly rare too.

Bar-a-thym, a play on words originated from "Baratin", meaning sweet talk or like Chef candidly puts it "bullshit". 

Chef Francois Mermilliod was shortly introduced after we decided on the Omakase, listed our dietary restrictions and also the budget.


Sour dough bread basket and salted butter got the evening off to a good start, what is there not to love seriously about crusty bread and melted butter?


Crab Croquettes

Delicate crisp bites served with a dressing that potentially numbed my tastebuds for the few dishes that followed after. 


Iberico Pork Jowl, Pea Tendrils, Pear Chutney ($22)

Incredibly tender, this would beat kurobuta hands down on that. Grilled till  a slight char, the oozing of juices and fats all at once brought me to a state of umami.


Mediterranean Sotong, Homemade Chorizo, Fregola Sarda ($22) 

Almost like paella without the rice, this seafood number wows on colour, flavour and texture.



I suppose inspirations were taken from the vietnamese spring roll, lobster slices encased in edible wrapper and paired with a tangy fruit salsa. The bomb, almost if the pork jowl did not steal the thunder earlier on.




So sweet and fresh, except I did not get the peanut sauce that came with it. And as usual, the measly portions!


Alaskan King Crab, Angel Hair, Uni, Espelette ($32)

Best of the meal, this carbonara had none of the overcloying milky after taste. Portions were just right and flavors spot on. The seared uni had a different texture altogether. And the most disappointing moment is presented when I have reached the end of the dish.


Wagyu Beef Sirloin, Chanterelles, Baby Zucchini, Epoisse Gratin ($50)

Medium rare is the recommended doneness for this dish, wise recommendation by the chef especially when it was melt in the mouth and so precious!


This potato pot is definitely not to be trifled with. Creamy potatoes lathered in cheese. Simply said, simply enjoyed.


Cheesecake with Forest Berries

A huge letdown with simply put together cheesecake cubes and topped with coulis and berries.

It is a pity the fine food was met with sullen service at most times if not half hearted. None of the dishes were formally introduced, we guessed our way through infact. There was a young waiter who tried his best yet just not good enough for a proper french restaurant. Nobody bothered to tell us the meal had come to an end - and when we clarified the poker face replied plainly "yes".

Go there for the chef, not the service. 

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