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Azmaya Honten @ Cuppage Plaza

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Nested in Cuppage Plaza is Azmaya Honten, one that specializes in buffet and ala carte Japanese dishes too. Once again I have Groupon to thank for bringing this place to my attention.


I made reservations to utilise my voucher a week before it expired and surprisingly they claimed they were full till way after the expiry date. After some haggling and nagging, we were given a slot in the first seating.

Turns out, it was barely filled. Anyway the point is, the chairs in the photo. Great idea to have them double up as storage containers and that prevents bags from smelling just like dinner.


All ready to barbeque the night away!


The japanese also believe in DIY your own dipping sauce! I went straight for my favourite sesame sauce.


There! With a ton of sesame seeds too.


Freeflow pork and beef buffet entailed alot more than just the meats. It came with side dishes like chilled cucumbers, kimchi and more vegetables for the grill.


Not forgetting curry and steaming rice. Instant paste or not, this combination worked for me and proved some respite from all the BBQ meats I ate for the night.


Our trusty grill for the night - no oil or sauces needed just place the meat and wait for it to grill!


Pork loins on the griddle!


Beef was provided in slabs and a scissors to cut accordingly.


Lazy me preferred to dunk it there and watch it sizzle fizzle. Granted the cut was not fabulous, the dipping sauce more than made up for the flavour though it was still tough.


These ended up getting mostly burnt, favourite of the lot has to be the enoki mushrooms!


Pork belly and pork loins holler.




Fried Chicken Pieces

This was quite the bomb and fried upon ordering. That crisp fried exterior and juicy meat was quite unfathomable. How did such an obscure Japanese eatery have such awesome possom fried chicken? I wish they had a fried chicken buffet!

Overall an immensely value for money buffet with Groupon - it worked out to less than $20 for each of us.

Azmaya Honten
Cuppage Plaza

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