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Akanoya Robatayaki @ Orchard Parade Hotel


Enter the world of robatayaki, without prices. A slippery road to undertake, honestly because one is playing guess work with the cashier and many a time letting the stomach dictate what the wallet can afford is a humongous gamble.

Yet, this gamble paid off for a special occasion.


Pick from the produce infront of you.


Far and wide range of ingredients. 


This is how they reach for the food!


All eyes on kinki fish, perhaps next visit!


Someone's mangled kinki fish. 


Even when raw, these look so good.


A trio of sauces is placed infront of me, let the gastronomy begin!


Stewed salmon as an appetizer, tasty but I was not expecting a dish not easy to eat with all the bones.


Eggplant ($22)

There is something about miso paste and eggplants that automatically becomes a must order each time opportunity presents itself. Is it the savoury paste or sweetness of the eggplant that works, I know not but this became one of the must orders.


Garlic ($20)

Ok, first I baulked at the size and subsequently the price. This garlic was as large as my palm and took the longest of the vegetables to be grilled. I suppose the layers made cooking it harder than the rest yet what was presented was mindblowing - a kind of mad for garlic I never had before, for that mushy pungent yet crazy delicious aftertaste.

And the fart game is strong there after, I kid you not.


Red Chilli ($12)

And I must be mad to rave even about the green and red chillies tasting exactly like capsicums, if not better.


Sweet Potato ($30)

When I was already surprised at the price of garlic, sweet potato took the game away at $30 a piece. No wonder the waiter was kind enough to stop us from ordering two.

Steamed and served. Nothing fancy, none of the condiments even for this ridiculously sweet root vegetable.


Enoki Mushrooms ($7)

Buttered and grilled, possibly the simplest in preparation next to the sweet potato yet so gratifying.


Shitake ($8)

Tough fight with enoki for favourite here, wish I headed for the assorted mushrooms for more texture.


Tatami Iwashi ($12)
Baby sardines

We opted for the "bitter" option, this left a lasting impression with a bittersweet finish. Perfect with whiskey.


Gingko Nuts ($8)


Asparagus ($5)

One single stalk and charred, who needs white asparagus when you've got such awesome green?


Wagyu Beef ($40)


Gleaming with fat, this marbled stick had everyone clamouring for more. Nothing quite like the wagyu and a perfect sear over the grill - this was both a charmer and a huge tease on the tastebuds.

Pork Belly ($8)


Pork Neck ($8)

Firmer than the pork belly yet equally satisfying. Grilled pork always make me salivate.


Prawn ($18)

Excellently executed with salted feelers and uber succulent meat.


Tsukune ($8)

The most value for money of all the items with a poached egg served with the skewer of minced chicken and cartilage.

Chicken Oyster ($8)


Best part of a chicken and since each chicken only has one oyster, that is 3 chickens worth in a single skewer! That crispy skin reminds me how fried chicken should be, light and not greasy! 


Yubari melon to end this off more than perfectly. Sweet, luscious and so juicy! 


Ayanuya Kukaiyaki under Akashi Group possibly stands out as the best of the group. A night to behold and remember for the longest time though dining in such chaos is not my idea of fine dining, yet it made up for more than one way for the quality of food, experience and best of all - the best valentine's to date.

At the end of the meal I questioned how could the Japanese stomach produce out of their own shores, for sure not everyone can afford the same made in japan produce but the quality differences are so stark. I wish I can be a permanent convert. 

Akanoya Robatayaki
#01-01 Orchard Parade Hotel

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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