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Bubble tea, shaved ice and humongous sized chicken chops are just some of the famed Taiwanese exports. Yi Li Pao Pao hails from Shih Lin Night Market. As cheesy and cutesy as it sounds really just means bubble pop pop and is a specialty shop that sells iced dessert - a hybrid of shaved ice and sorbet in my opinion.

I am possibly at a stage where checking out food fads amidst a bunch of tweens scares me, possibly too cute to stomach even. So then - I headed to the counter and sampled almost all flavours from a super duper very warm and cute looking teen.


Christmas was then still in its twelve days of merriment and the server presented us with our two scoops in a christmas tree form. Sweet surprise indeed. I wonder what Valentine's would serve!


Served with a heart shaped spade looking spoon too.

Diabetic sweet in details and possibly works very well with the puppy loved up couples.

Now back to the real deal -

We had Valentine's Day Fruit (whatever that is) and strawberry, the fruity flavours fared much better than the non-fruity ones. Somehow shaved ice is limiting without coming across as artificial.

$4.95 worth of melting moments  - I was actually beginning to love this sorbet hybrid. If you like, toppings are available at a surcharge.



Table decor that got me laughing, nice humour folks.


Perhaps I'd just return for the shaved ice, this frog banged milk is...queer. Or perhaps a case of bad translation and trying too hard marketing skills.

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