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Uogashi @ Joo Chiat Road

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Uogashi is a new four month old Japanese takeout place in Joo Chiat, so new it almost went under my radar. I was tempted by its 20% storewide promotion one weekend and in the face of torrential rains, we decided to make a quick takeaway.


Sashimi ($9.90)

Thick cut and incredibly fresh, this gets my vote for best bang for the buck in town. Not too shabby cuts too!


Pork Katsu Don ($8.90)

One generous portion of pork katsu don, the egg was thankfully not overcooked, rice was fluffy and best of all my pork chop was still crispy on the edges.


It even survived the car ride home and was still not soggy. Onions and spring onions are used generously too. Burp.


Chirashi Don ($12.90)

This has to be the cheapest chirashi don in town, no complains on it totally. Great quality and fresh fish and it even comes with cod floss! I question how much the other restaurants are making from us though, when Uogashi can offer it so cheaply.

Mochi ($4.90)

I could not resist getting a box of these - strawberry and green tea mochi for dessert. This was perhaps the most disappointing of our loot, not quite the chewy and silky smooth mochi I was looking forward to.

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