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Open Farm Community @ Minden Road

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Open Farm Community located in the more accessible area within Dempsey is hot stuff, kiasu me made reservations two weeks ahead - please do because sitting alfresco under our kind of hot weather is no idea of fun.

Straight up, intentions are noble - support local farming and celebrate local spirit. I was skeptical with such a tall order put in place. Given how spa-dining concepts hardly work because somethings have to give and in those cases, taste does.


With Chef Ryan Cliff from The Tippling Club lending support, I was definitely looking forward.


Open concept kitchen, similar to that of The Tippling Club. 



Local pumpkin with Minden road pesto and pita bread ($16)

While my original intent was to order the beautifully plated sweet corn, we ended up with an equally pretty art piece of local pumpkin and pesto. Simple yet so so so good. Who really needs Japanese pumpkin when this was equally sweet and smooth? Freshly made pita bread was another great accompaniment.


Red Grouper with Peas and Mint Purée, Grilled Baby Cos and Chimichurri

Locally farmed and incredibly fresh, I enjoyed the succulence and sweetness of the grouper. None of the fancy seasoning just chimichurri and snap peas. Perfectly executed and I consider this  a must try!


Mud Crab Papardelle with Thai Curry Sauce, Crunchy Yellow Squash, Coconut, Crispy Shallots, Thai Basil ($29)

Exceptional. The hand made noodles were al dente, dense and had a delicious bite. And that was just the amazing pasta. Thai Curry Sauce was also spot on, light yet very flavourful without being over empowering. The balance was truly delicate and done so well. One dish for sharing because it does get a tad too much eating it alone.


Bill in a tin! How cute. 


The first visit ended on a lovely note, with coffee from Common Man Coffee Roasters to end things off smoothly.




Definitely worth a visit or even two, I have returns on the cards and only hope the tables do not get even hotter in the months to come!

Open Farm Community
130E Minden Road 

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