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Noodle Cafe @ Sim Lim Square

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Quite a while ago, Thai Boat Noodles were the in-nest thing on the dining table - the mushrooming of similar stalls happened almost overnight. Was it a case of pure coincidence or trying to capitalize on the wave?


Laminated yet very flimsy menus - I wonder how many meals has this hole in wall eatery seen.


Pots of spices.


Somehow this bowl of wilted vegetables looked barely blanched, I'd advise against ordering.


This metal cup had me in giggles - the size of the straw especially.


Thai Boat Noodles ($5)

The boat noodles are served in two sizes - small and large. The former priced at $1.90 was the equivalent of two mouthfuls' worth. Great for trying all the flavours available.

I headed for the Special Sauce, one that was sweet and spicy and tasty despite its fiery demeanor.


It was a pity the noodles were slightly overcooked and my pieces of beef were far and few. Still a delicious encounter, and a pricey one to boot.


Pork cackling and lard to complete that roadside experience with all things sinful. I loved the pork cackling, almost like fried dough fritters only better after soaking in the broth.


A not so friendly dessert of canned fruit, jellies and what tasted like bandung milk.

I liked my first encounter with Thai Boat Noodles, the more subdued side of thai food than the usual  tom yum goong or green curry.

Noodle Cafe
1 Rochor Canal #01-05 Sim Lim Square

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