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Meta @ Keong Siak Road

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~Invited Session~


New at Keong Saik Road is a stylish Contemporary Asian restaurant - Meta. Helming the kitchen is Sun Kim who hails from a family of South Korean restaurateurs. At Meta, theTetsuya’s, Sydney and Waku Ghin, Singapore alumnus combines his culinary training with his rich heritage to produce Asian-inspired dishes with a creative modern twist.

At present, the restaurant offers a choice of three set dinner menus, namely five-and eight-course Tasting Menus and a five-course Vegetarian Menu. All menus will change according to the seasons.

Featured below is Meta''s eight course Winter menu. 


They operate on an open concept kitchen. 



Amuse bouche of cherries and rice crackers. Visually pleasing and pleasant on the palette.


Oyster with Pomelo, Lemon and Ginger and Amaebi with Yuzu and Apples

An exquisite presentation of oyster and amaebi with an assortment of flavours. I liked the refreshing flavours.


Wagyu Tartare with Egg Jelly and Korean Pear Kimchi

Inspired by the korean beef bulgogi, steak tartare is served with julienned pear seasoned with kimchi dressing and egg jelly droplets. Fusion innovation indeed, while the flavours could have been stronger the visual concept worked.


Amaebi with Yuzu and Apples 

Sweet shrimp served with dashi jelly, pickled beetroot stems and carrots as well as a smoky charred prawn head. Enjoyed the charred prawn head best for that punchy ending to this otherwise sweet dish.


Hokkaido Scallops, Endive, Miso, Squid Ink

Seared scallop served with squid ink rice cracker, another bite sized yet delicious course.


John Dory with Clams, Fregola and Basil

Things took a turn with a more subdued and lighter course of john dory, clams, fregola pasta and a dashi stock so light.


Slow Cooked Tasmanian Grass-Fed Beef Short Rib with Parsnip

The beef is cooked sous vide for over 30 hours at 62°C to achieve the desired tenderness. It is then paired with pickled oyster mushrooms, charred spring onions and a smooth parsnip puree.

For dessert, Pastry Chef Tammy Mah’s expertise was put to test, putting a total of 3 surprises on the table. 


White Chocolate Wasabi Cream with Sesame Sponge and Yoghurt

Wasabi was mild yet discernible in this deconstructed one, I would recommend taking all the elements and consuming them in a single bite.


Citrus Cheesecake with Blood Orange Bon Bon 


This involved a crackdown on the moussey interior to weed out a chocolate shell of jam.


Nitrogen bomb, heralded the end of the meal - reads, petit fours time!


The Rock


Be prepared for a session of smoke gets in your eyes - pop the petit four into your mouth and exhale 'smoke'. Theatrical yet fun, this coffee meringue gets my vote for novelty.


Meta offers a repertoire of drinks for the thirsty as well, featured above is the classic, New Fashioned, a whiskey based cocktail.


To end things off, a hand written note and...


A honeycomb lollipop!

Diners who order the 8 course menu ($128) are given a sweet farewell gift at the end of the meal - honeycomb chocolate lollipops!

The winter menu is not here for long, infact February would bring menu changes - seasonal and festive ones too! 

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