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Hai Di Lao @ 313 Orchard

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Hai Di Lao still remains a favourite for hotpot - their good service got them noticed in the early days and up to now, they are still tops for that. We arrived early enough at 11am, thinking that queueing would be superfluous, turns out the waitlist had started. Who eats hotpot at 10 in the morning?


Popcorn, crackers, fruit and even longan tea were available at point of waiting to calm the hunger pangs.


Plus, kids get a playroom all to themselves to create havoc and the frivolous can book an appointment with the nail technician for some pampering. I really would not mind waiting ever, if every restaurant provided such services!

The good service extends to baby cots even, I thought the standard was baby chairs.


4 soup bases - tomato, seafood, mala and mushroom! For this reason, opting for the large steamboat is a must! Having individual pots is half the fun. My favourite has always been the tomato based, tangy and rich. One can even order for level of richness of the soups too.


Directions for the perfect dipping sauce!


One grouse, the sauces come at a tune of $4 per pax and we barely dipped them! Mental note not to bother with it.


Dessert that we did not bother with.



Housemade Noodle ($4)


The novelty of having a noodle chef twirl and whirl my noodles has not worn off and for just $4 for the entertainment, I find that great value. Lovely chewy noodles!


US Beef Slices 


Mutton Slices

Both went well with the mala soup base, masking out the gamey meat. And meat in shabu shabu style, the best way to eat meats! Sliced so thin and gets cooked so fast. I love how the fat crinkles up after cooking.



Pretty to look at but these were so chewy, we ended up doing alot more jaw work than desired.


Crown Daisy


Fried Tofu Skin ($5)


This expanded into a flimsy edible film, uber delish with the mala soup! Truth be told, the longer the broth is kept boiling, the stronger the taste.

Great service and I love how half portions are offered which prevents wastage and more variety!


Don't forget to pick up your complimentary icecream on the way out.

My favouritest hotpot place in town, now if only I needn't queue!

Hai Di Lao
313 Orchard

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