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Foong Kee Coffeeshop @ Keong Siak Street


Foong Kee Coffeeshop, an apparent household name for roasts has gone under the radar for so long - and seriously I had my doubts when the lunch hour queues were said to be insane.

11 am is the bewitching hour for unfrazzled service and fresh off the oven roasts. Turns out I was not the only like minded folk.


Yes, those lengths of honeyed char siew.


The chef busies himself with orders for takeaway and dine in - all at 11am sharp. No wonder by noon his mood does get frazzled. I would too.


Roast Meat Rice ($3.50)

It was a tough fight between the char siew and siew yoke for a clear winner, I loved them both. To the gut, literally. Jellied fats and crispy charred skin versus a blackened yet droolicious fatty char siew.

Fat die me, did not prove to be a fallacy.

Roast Duck ($6)

Eyes wide shut, I would have classified this roast goose. The skin is amazingly crispy and greasy. The meat however was less outstanding.


I blankly nodded when he asked if I wanted dumpling soup - and I thought it was that bowl of soup that came with my wanton noodle! Turned out to be an extra order.

All the better since these juicy dumplings with chopped chestnuts were so delicious. All for $3 and so many wantons!

The stir fried vegetables run out very fast, order if you can!


Wanton Mee ($3)

Chilli is a must for this, al dente noodles without a trace of alkaline though it smelt so. Some genius to have it smelling like one but not tasting like one. One again the char siew was the absolute highlight!


Toss evenly in dark sauce for that droolicious shade of brown and tuck in! Noodles are inconsistent but who cares when the roast meats are top notch every visit?

Twice I have been back and still as sold.

Foong Kee Coffeeshop
6 Keong Siak Street

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