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CNY 2016: Jade @ Fullerton Hotel

~Invited Session~


Fast and furious is the Year of the Monkey coming, considering the lunar new year is in early February, leaving me completely no time to even exhale the calories piled on for Christmas. And woe is me I always lament in the face of good food.

Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng and his culinary team at Jade restaurant are back with a bigger feast, promising a belly good time.


Eight Happiness Gold Rush Yusheng with Champagne Jelly, Olive Oil, Peach Dressing
S$68* (5 persons and below), S$98* (6 to 8 persons), S$138* (9 to 12 persons)


A piece of art this was with a painstakingly hand drawn monkey too - perfected with abalone, salmon and most definitely champagne jelly cubes. Toss your way to prosperity with this delicious number, one that wow-ed at first glance and bite. For sure innovations take the stage every year yet this Monkey is a personal favourite.

During this period, dine-in orders of Yu Sheng will feature calligraphic drawings complemented with auspicious greetings created by Chef Leong; who is well-known for his talent in Chinese calligraphy, pottery and ceramic arts.

Orders should be made one day in advance.


Poached Seaweed and Abalone Dumpling ($16 per serving or $38 per portion of 8 pieces)

Each dumpling is shaped liked beautiful corals, wrapped snugly within are abalone and konbu drizzled with a tangy sauce. Dry wantons I hardly approve but this was so mouth watering!


Braised Six Head Whole Abalone, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Deep-Fried Fish Maw, Chinese Cabbage, Flower, Mushrooms, Roasted Garlic and Roasted Pork in Claypot
($58* per person)

Seeking inspiration from the traditional pencai, Jade's version is a hearty and very wholesome broth packed with enough surprises befitting of a meal with just steamed rice. The comforting broth concocted with the best ingredients and superior stock is so good on its own and that oily finish that coats like a glove only spells collagen laden. The further I delved, the more treasures unveiled, if there is just one dish make it this pen cai.


Simmered Boston Lobster with Ginger Milk ($88)


Move over lobster rolls, it's simmered boston lobster creating waves this CNY. Loved the succulent sweet flesh but am on the fence over the sweet ginger milk. That said, this is one extravagant treat worth the calories.


Roasted Duck in Foie Gras Sauce with Sour Plum Guava Jelly ($92, whole duck)


East meets west in this perfumed poultry dish - the crispy skin is not to be missed and that droolsome sauce too. I particularly enjoyed the refreshing sour plum guava jelly served with it, a scrumptious palette cleanser to boot.


Fragrant Wok Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage ($30 per portion)

While I wish CNY was not so laden with carbs, glutinous rice is a festive staple and this was peppered with mushrooms and chinese sausages - great for the traditionalists.


Almond Cream with Red Sago Red Bean Dumplings

Have a go at the these creative takes on dumplings bathed in smooth almond cream, instead of the usual rice flour base these are hand made with sago! Top marks for innovation indeed.


The presentation had us all in awe - made with gelatin and 5 days, it was truly a spectacle to behold! Now only if it could be eaten!



Honey Peach Pastry ($26 per box of 8 pieces)

A highlight this year in their repertoire of  festive takeaway treats include these peach shaped pastries stuffed with white lotus paste. Melt in the mouth pastry encasing a mildly sweet filling.

Pan Fried Rose Flavoured Water Chestnut Cake ($38)

Chestnut cake gone upmarket with a batter and rose flavour! Expect crunchy and jellied textures.

Sweet Potato Pandan-Flavoured 'Nian Gao' Tart (($28 per box of 8 pieces)

This had to be my favouritest of the dessert morsels. Nian gao is no longer chunky but petite sized and hard to finish by the end of the meal.

Table bookings have been equally fast and furious, word has it that their reunion tables are fully booked since last year! Make haste or miss out a delicious meal at Jade.

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