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CNY 2016: Hotpot with Ryan Grocer's

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~Invited Session~


Hotpot is my favourite choice for a family gathering - there is something for everyone and I am kept on my feet the whole night which definitely beats sitting still and eating for hours as the night draws to an end. That is how indigestion usually happens. 

Ryan's Grocery, an online organic, gluten free and preservative free grocer takes Chinese New Year gatherings this year to new heights with a premium selection of free-range shabu-shabu meats and organic seafood for a mouthwatering hot pot session. Home entertaining is also made easy with Ryan’s Grocery array of gourmet roast meats available for order.


5 tips on how to make your hotpot session as fussfree as possible - you can even schedule that last minute manicure session in between!

Prepack nutritious broths

Yes, home cooks rejoice. One of the most laborious tasks next to fighting for the best and freshest meats in the market is boiling the stock for the hotpot. Pacific Foods Organic Low Sodium Chicken Broth ($7.30) comes to the rescue. For those with stronger tastebuds, perhaps more seasoning is required with this otherwise light tasting one!

For every Shabu Shabu order, the broth will be available at 50% discount ($3.65) for every second carton purchased.

Order a Housemade Gourmet Roast! 




Indulge in either a Roast Pork Collar Rolled (Gluten-free) ($88), Roast Pork Loin  Rolled (Gluten-free) ($88) or Roast Chicken (Gluten-free) ($60)



All choices are great for communal dining and are best consumed before the hotpot when everyone is hungry and waiting for the broth to boil.


Shabu shabu your way to prosperity!
The list is endless for the shabu shabu meats and there is truly something for everyone from organic grass fed valley beef to free range chicken and pork to hormone and antibiotics free chicken. You bet how stuffed I actually was by sampling a slice of everything, what more a hotpot session! 


Black Angus Beef Shabu Shabu - $9.60/ 200g
Organic Grass Fed Blackwood Valley Beef 

Beef Wagyu Shabu Shabu - $19.60/ 200g
Australia Premium Beef

Pork Loin Shabu Shabu - $9.60/ 200g
Australia Premium Free Range Pork 

Pork Belly Rolled Coin Shape - $9.60/ 200g
Australia Premium Free Range Pork 

Lamb Shabu Shabu - $9.60/ 200g
Australia Premium Grass Fed Lamb

Kurobuta USA Pork Belly Shabu Shabu - $19.60/ 200g
100% Berkshire Black Pork

Premium Chicken Leg Chips (boneless) - $6.60/ 200g
Hormone & Antibiotics Free Premium Chicken


Ryan's Gluten-Free Organic Beef Meat Ball Platter - $11.80 (12 pieces)
Organic Grass Fed Blackwood Valley Beef 

Ryan's Gluten-Free Pork Water Chestnut Meat Ball Platter - $9.90 (12 pieces)
Australia Premium Free Range Pork 

Ryan's Gluten-Free Chicken Meat Ball Platter - $9.90 (12 pieces)
Hormone and Antibiotics Free Premium Chicken

Organic Black Tiger Prawns Tail ($28 per pack)

Customize your sauces


You can customise delicious dipping sauces with the grocery’s shelf of gluten-free condiments. There are various combinations specifically great with beef, seafood, chicken and pork! I suppose this is the only time any further effort is required and DIY always works best! 

Bring an appetite!

Above all, a ravenous appetite is needed to survive the first of many diet busting meals. 
Ryan’s Grocery Lunar New Year specials are available from now till 22nd February 2016. Customers who place their orders by 28th January 2016 will receive a 10% discount, with free delivery for every purchase of $150 and above before 3rd February 2016.

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