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CNY 2016: Golden Peony @ Conrad Centennial

~Invited Session~


Executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung of award-winning Golden Peony whips up his signature dishes with finishing touches heralding the ‘red fiery’ monkey. This Year of the Monkey is off to a whooping start! With reunion dinner tables running out fast, my advise is to book early.


Fortune 'Yu Sheng' with Abalone, Hiramasa, Crispy Fish Skin and Crispy White Bait ($888)

This stunning display measuring at least 3m long is good enough for 30 or even groups of up to 40. At such an auspicious price, word has it that corporates have placed their orders for these way in advance!


Topping the list this year is a medley of toppings which include the much loved crispy crackers.


Hiramasa and abalone, both refreshing takes on the usual salmon. Not to worry, the salmon option is still available for the diehards.


Salted egg fish crackers give this dish an edgy twist, upping the stakes on flavour!


Last but not least do look out for the auspicious numbers that Chef will include in this yusheng. Beats having a cabbage chewing lion dance eh?


Let the greetings flow and remember to utter in a word of “收到” to receive the blessings with topping added.


The humongous mess created - not a light affair at all! Imagine lifting at least 5kg of ingredients in the air!


The delicious and beautiful mess. Here's to more deliciousness this year ahead!


White bait and salted egg crumbs, a luxe version of the usual peanuts to allay those hunger pangs.


Roast Suckling Pig stuffed with Hainanese Chicken Rice

Here comes the heavy weight, a spectacle to behold - chopper included. Chef Ku came around to display his chops along with this sleeping beauty.


A peek at its filling - stuffed lovingly with chicken and glutinous rice, a modern take on the CNY staple of lotus leaf rice, incorporating a much adored suckling pig sans the meat in a single dish.


Surprise, surprise!


The crispy pig cackling was incredible - so crispy and crunchy I could just eat the skin all day long. Paired with a chewy glutinous rice base and flavoured with the makings of chicken rice, this was one serious treat for this new year!


Crispy Filo Swan filled with Foie Gras, Truffle and Minced Chicken 


Absolutely delightful to snap, these gracious handmade swans are inspired by yam croquettes and instead of yam, Chef brilliantly incorporated sweet potato and minced chicken in the filling, topping it with a sliver of goose liver and truffle! Not forgetting fried mantou as the neck, one dimsum to look out for at Golden Peony!


Canadian Sea Perch Roll filled with Lobster, Minced Shrimp and Fish Roe in Spinach Puree

I certainly was not expecting spinach puree to be a broth, a tasty contrast to the mild tasting sea perch roll filled with lobster.


A comforting one amidst all the strong flavoured dishes.


Braised Abalone with "Monkey Head" Mushroom, Fish Maw and Black Moss

This is a less indulgent version of pen cai with just the key ingredients, I particularly loved the monkey head mushroom - perfect for this year especially! Earthy and sweet, this came across as hearty and very filling.


Golden 'Nian Gao' with Sweet Potato and Yam
Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera and Jack Fruit in Sour Plum Juice


Indulge in a crispy delight of yam and nian gao, wash down with a refreshing sour plum dessert too!

Prosperity set menus for lunch and dinner are available from $100++ to $188++ a person and $998++ to $1888++ per table of 10 persons.  Available from January 20 to February 23.

In the spirit of the new year, Oscar’s will be opened round-the-clock offering supper treats of local flair, including claypot noodles and traditional Chinese congee. Guests can also opt for “takeaway treasures” in the form of hampers consisting of traditional Chinese goodies that represent abundance and good fortune. 

Golden Peony
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