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Chicken Legend @ Upper East Coast Road

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Steamboats have been one of our nation's favourite dish for a long time now, from the all time popular eat all you can, to more fancy soup broths like collagen chicken broth and finally, coconut broth.



Using pure coconut water straight out of the coconut itself, Chicken Legend promises an experience like no other, like they say, the first in Singapore.


Their special concoction of premium soy sauce fuses more than ten different herbs and generous servings of garlic, lime and chillies.


Besides, there is also a delectable chilli sauce as well.


Regular Set ($29)
Whole Kampung Chicken, Prawns, Sweet Corn, Golden Mushroom, Cabbage, Mushroom Ball, Crabstick


Meat Set ($29)
Shabu Shabu Beef, Pork, Prawns, Sweet Corn, Golden Mushroom, Cabbage, Mushroom Ball, Crabstick

Beancurd Skin ($3)

This was definitely something different from the other beancurd skins eaten, very thin and tasty!


I could not resist an order of beehoon though tung hoon would have been great as well.


Steamboat without eggs is not complete.


Quantity was definitely more than expected and 3 of us struggled to finish even. The soup broth was unfortunately too sweet for my liking - which is no fault of theirs even with the fresh meats because coconut  is sweet based and so are ingredients like sweet corn and cabbage.

Chicken Legend
15 Upper East Coast Road

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