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The Butter Batter Battle - Mr Rich versus Jenny's

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The battle is real and both  brands look set to flood our cookie scene with their own interpretations of the famous buttery cookie.

Jenny's is a must buy each trip back to Hong Kong, even the 2 hour wait in line does not deter potential buyers. Their Singapore outlet has been bringing in the queues as well - talk about hard core.

Mr Rich, a lesser known but equally popular butter cookie brand is also sealing its position in this cookie war.


I had to give both a go to find out what the huge fuss about - wasn't it too long ago that danish butter cookies were a thing of my childhood?

4 Mix Butter Cookies, 320g (HKD 70)

Cheaper and heavier, Jenny's Cookies are already more value for money.  Terribly buttery and fragrant. No stranger to Jenny's, their collectible tins make purchasing all the more addictive - I have had no further luck than the 4 types of coffee, raisin, butter and shortbread. Still the rich and buttery melt in the mouth favourite that I once loved, and still loved.


Mr Rich comes in pastel coloured hues and a friendly rabbit mascot on the front.



Mr. Rich Cookies 2Mix 200g (HKD 88)


Brewed Coffee


Beautifully piped, each resembled a flower. Too pretty I say. 


Between the two, I like butter better but it had a sweet powder milk finish which may not sit too well with some.

Jenny's still trump for me!

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