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Sticks & Wings @ Clementi

~Invited Session~


Sticks and Wings brought us to Sunset Lane, a place that is completely foreign to the Easterner. And all along I thought it was just Sunset Way that was the most happening with cakes and icecreams and all the places I did not hang out as a young adult.

Then comes Sunset Lane, a completely different stretch altogether that is studded with so many eateries! Sticks and Wings' humble beginnings started out at a hawker stall and subsequently a full fledged air conditioned eatery in order to bring BBQ food to the neighbourhood without the queues and heat of a hawker center.


Grilled Chicken Wings (5 Wings, $8.80)

These well charred and juicy wings come with an incredibly delicious house made chilli sauce, a recipe that the owner holds dear and sells in take home bottles.


Prawn Omelette ($9.80)

Fluffy and eggy, portions are generous and studded with prawns.


Stingray ($18.80)

Meaty and topped with yet another stunner of a delicious housemade belachan paste! The winning streak of a good stingray not only goes to the freshness of the stingray but also the belachan. One that piques the senses and leaves a lingering sensation wins the deal for me.

Sotong ($13.80)

The same belachan was the highlight of this dish as well, amidst the char grilled tendrils of chewiness.


Stir Fried Vegetables ($9.80)

If you are up for sambal kang kong after all the spicy dishes, be sure to let the kitchen know. They do a range of stir frys as well.


Also on the menu is a range of light beers, perfect for that girls or boys night out. 

Lobsters, crabs, name it and dare to get them to charcoal grill it, all can be done if notice is given.

Sticks and Wings
106 Clementi St 12

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. It sounds like a western restaurant but turns out the food is like local zi char. Quite interesting.

    1. Heh! Don't just a restaurant by its name! :P Not near any mrt though this one...