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Paradise Teochew @ Chinese Swimming Club

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Paradise Teochew is the latest food and beverage establishment to swing open their doors at Chinese Swimming Club's forth floor. Crowds have been streaming in due to their very attractive opening promotions and of course, a 20% accorded to club members throughout the week.


Gong Fu Tea is served at the start and end of the meal, a move that most would appreciate to cleanse the tastebuds.

Think Teochew and I think bland food - it could be the education of teo chew porridge over the years.



Pork Balls ($10)

Also known as homemade ngoh hiang, these crispy balls are deepfried and are stuffed generously with minced pork and chestnuts. Best eaten with a dollop of sweet sauce.


Stewed Duck with Yam in Casserole ($18)

This took almost eternity to come, from forgetting to input the order to confusion in the kitchen by the time it finally arrived we were almost full. Stewed yam always works for me, whether or not it is with duck or pork, the duck was tender and soaked up all the delicious flavours. Perfect with steaming hot rice.


Steamed Diced Chicken wrapped in Egg White Crepe ($18)

A specialty that showcases the chef's intricate handiwork of wrapping the egg white crepe with minced chicken and chestnuts before adorning it delicately with a bow. Mildly flavoured, I was perhaps expecting more taste out of this one.


Braised Mustard Green with Shredded Conpoy and Dried Shrimps ($18) 

Mildly bitter, thank goodness for shredded conpoy and dried shrimp for more flavour.


Stir Fried Kuay Teow with Preserved Radish ($14)

To be honest, I enjoyed this dish most - wok hei was a major surprise after all the bland dishes  and it was so tasty too! Credit given to the preserved radish for working its magic in the dish. 


Cod Filet Rice Broth ($30)

This wins hands down for most nutritious - milky broth was the only source of flavour, the cod was bland and so were the vegetables.

Choice of dishes are very important as most of them tend to be bland. 

Paradise Teochew
Chinese Swimming Club

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