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Oral B Power Brush for every foodie

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“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” 

And I pretty much agree with it because on top of all the hustle and bustle of trying to catch Christmas lights in every other corner in town, fighting tooth and nail to get the Christmas presents bought and wrapped in time and also stuffing myself crazy this festive season – it is about doing something extra for that special someone. 

Since this is a food blog, I hardly write many personal entries – honestly, it is the food that still matters most at the end of the day. Many people ask how do I get by each week – a full time job, food tastings, my own food adventures, taking truckloads of photos, editing, blogging and still get an entry out every single day. I even try to slot in a getaway somewhere too. It is madness if you ask me but not without this so very special person called my partner in crime – the husband. 

For sure, I cannot be eating a whole table of food on my own, achieve my idea of the perfect shot after gadzillion snaps, be both the mouth and nose at food and drink tastings, get to far flung places and fulfil every weird food whim and fancies without a genie. 

Let me share what really goes behind the scenes before every meal is completed. Tasting or not. 

I pick what I want to eat and feature

So, the focus our own meals is the blog. Because I wanted to feature the tempura, grilled and sushi dishes we have one of each when his heart and stomach was all about the sashimi. 

The delicious first 10 seconds are dedicated to the camera

The most unfortunate thing then is the first 10 seconds after the dish is laid tends to be the most delicious and I spend that snapping and getting the shot I want leaving him salivating and clenching his fists in frustration. 

Subconsciously I converted this order-serve-eat dude to someone who respects my camera.


He now joins me snapping away if lighting is not required.


Lighting man, finger model and food stylist 

If natural lighting is not available, I create my own light – the iphone has a pretty solid function too. And please, only sturdy hands apply. 

The noodles have to be perfectly twirled, just the right height from the bowl…and no twitching is allowed.

I may have made every meal sound like a complete nightmare but the husband has gotten so comfortable in his role that he happily agrees that his job is far better than mine. 

For such an important person, any season or reason of gifting usually throws me into a disarray. 

Especially for a man who has 1001 wants and needs, finding that perfect gift is always a problem. I have resorted to buying repeats even and I am trying to avoid getting household appliances of any sort – a friend who gave a Dyson vacuum cleaner to his wife as an early present was met with a tongue in cheek “it sucks”. Go figure what she really meant, figuratively or factually. 

With a Christmas brunch place long settled, I have thankfully also decided on a very personable gift for the avid traveller too! For him to continue our gourmet adventures, he needs to have good dental health and a very reliable tooth brush – I kid you not how many toothbrushes and dental visits we have gone through in a single year! Numbers and bills are astounding.


Why not consider Oral-B power brushes?

According to a 2005 independent study, “Brushes that worked with a rotation oscillation action removed more plaque and reduced gingivitis more effectively than manual brushes in the short and long-term... No other powered brush designs were consistently superior..." Oral-B pioneered this oscillating-rotating power technology in 1991 and has incorporated it into its premium power toothbrush range ever since. 

They give the feeling of dentist clean at home, and removes 100% more plague than manual toothbrushes. The Oscillating Rotating technology cups each tooth separately for a precise and thorough clean.
DSC_7003 - Copy

The experience

Surely, the more I eat, more plague gets caught in my teeth. With the kind of eating schedule I have it is no surprise I actually store more plague than any regular person. Nonetheless, let’s put the Oral-B Power Brush to test!


The anti-slip stripe design gives a comfortable grip – I am one of those who have dropped the toothbrush whilst brushing before and this is a super important feature. 


The power brush unlike its rough exterior is actually very gentle on the teeth and gums. With 48,000 vibrations per minute, 8,800 vibrations per minute left and right, 40,000 vibrations per minute back and forth and 5 times vibration power to remove plague – my teeth are cleaned so well! So little effort for so much work – major plus point.


Also, it comes with three different modes – daily clean mode, whitening mode and even sensitive mode! This is definitely a better experience than visiting the dentist for a scaling session!
Completely rechargeable, each charge lasts up to 7 days. (Great for his business trips!) Plus, there is a visible pressure sensor lights up if pressed too hard and this completely avoids brushing till your gums bleed. 

Also, the timer will alert when 2 minutes is up. Dentists recommend just 2 minutes of brushing – gasps, I wonder how hard and long I have been brushing in the past thinking the longer I brush the cleaner my teeth will be!


What’s not to love about this all in one power brush?


Sparkly smiles for this festive season – more reason for this gift! Merry Christmas!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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