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Keyaki Japanese Restaurant @ Pan Pacific Hotel

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Keyaki at Pan Pacific Hotel fits the bill of "away from the hustle and bustle" to a T. Located on the fourth floor with fixtures like a walk way, koi pond and the full works of a Japanese garden, I can almost envision myself being away from the country by closing my eyes.



Top marks for first impressions.

Keyaki Bento ($65)
Sashimi, Chawanmushi, Bento Box (Appetiser, Gilled Dish, Nimono, Deep-fried Dish), Rice, Miso Soup, Pickles and Dessert

When in doubt, go for the bento sets that offer great value. It had so much to offer, we could have just done away with the ala carte options!


Fresh sashimi with salmon, tuna and yellow tail. 


Variety is key and they even had tempura!


Chawanmushi, miso soup and even rice made for a delicious course. I am probably biased but Japanese rice is extra delicious, somehow. 


Lots of attention paid to detail, even for a bento set. 


Musk melon in a bento? Spoilt rotten we are and this was incredibly fragrant and sweet! Can I just eat musk melon from now on?


Ebi Tempura ($33)


Incredibly crispy and for once, my tempura sauce is served piping hot. Fresh prawns, none of the artificially crunchy crap that gets passed off. Delicious to the very last bite, for six pieces I say this is great value.


Taking a dipping sauce soak. 


Beef Filet Teriyaki ($30)

On the sweet side, this was less of a satisfaction than the other courses unfortunately.


California Maki ($15)

My conflict with california maki has been - it is not authentically japanese to begin with. The usage of artificial crabmeat usually renders "meant for children" but there was a surprise in this delicious roll - prawns that gave it the added crunch on top of the roe. One of the more luxurious versions of california makis and I was sold on this.

Worth a splurge, I'd definitely be back for more!

Pan Pacific Hotel

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