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Hakumai Sushi @ International Plaza

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I approach International Plaza with much apprehension given the high tenant turnover rate - even Burget King decided to call it quits after being a tenant for almost forever. When the companion deemed this as the most "value for money" Japanese place in town, I was even more curious to check his regular haunt out.

Counter seats are prized seats and during lunch, regulars do get that special privilege. Chef Gary Ng is a local chef that takes pride in interacting with customers in the most colloquail way ever - even if it means breaking into Hokkien occassionally and taking self depreciating jibes at himself. Laughter over lunch is common fare at Hakumai. None of the rigid rules or dining ettiquette that I would quite expect of a Japanese place.

Omakase or not, Chef Gary called the shots. Dining with a regular definitely had its perks because plates were churned out almost in an neverending fashion. Sushi and sahimi dominated the meal and it almost reached a stage where we were all too full.


I love my pitan tofu with chockfuls of fish roe and a blanket of sauce, a pity this had too little sauce.


A trio of appetizers, a very chewy shell fish, edamame beans and squid as well as oysters. I liked the oysters best, fresh and so slurp worthy! Aphrodisiacs at lunch is not such a good idea afterall.


The first of many sushi courses started with an aburi-ed tuna belly and what tasted like pickled radish and dried seafood.


All eyes on truffle salt, the portions of raw fish like most Japanese restaurants in Japan forms a lovely blanket over the rice.




Foie gras and shrimp is truly a treat, both visually and orally since this is torched before my very eyes.


Salmon belly!


And not forgetting my favourite uni.

Scallops topped with mentaiko sauce.


Grape sorbet over the usual orders of yuzu and black sesame. Refreshing and at $50 a tub, I am just not sure if I would be willing to fork out moolah for this expensive tretaa!

Only then did food finally stop. While I never got to catch a glimpse of the bill, I would reckon it was in the region of more than a $150 per head. Food was good though missing some finesse throughout the meal - expect lots of lewd hokkien jokes if you are pally with the chef.

Hakumai Sushi
International Plaza

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