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Future of Food @ 2AM Dessert Bar

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~Invited Session~


As the SG50 celebrations draw to an end, The Future Of Us exhibition, which opened at Gardens By The Bay, is touted as the exhibition to visit! It promises a sensory and immersive experience of how daily living would be like in Singapore in 2030. 

I was given a teaser and preview of what to expect in an intimate session at 2amdessertbar. 


Delicious looking edible and inedible treats were placed on the table, can you spot the inedibles?


Hand moulded chocolate that can double up as a paper weight or simply an ornament.



Pastry queen, Chef Janice Wong, kickstarted the session with an introduction to a number of concepts that would very much influence the food of the future. Genetically modified food will be one to look out for - with fruits that never oxidise for one!

A series of liquid desserts were dished up first.


 This is  citrus mocktail topped with cassis black currant paper made with 120 grams of berries. Ingenius indeed, pretty to look at and super interactive. I was truly more interested in the black currant paper. 


Tasting very close to hawthorn, this interactive drink would be welcomed in my future fridge.


Green juice mimicks the concept of meal in a cup fully, imagine never having to waste time to chow through 3 courses? All is settled in a single bottle of nutrients and blended to a consistency good for swallowing?


Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought these were mint jelly pearls!


This enzyme rum cocktail was refreshing and best paired with mint pearls for the added punch.


Another of those enzyme cocktails, pop the cherry for a surprise!


A home fermented kombucha was also showcased, looks like home fermentation may very well be the way to go too!


Fried quinoa had a crunchy texture and nutty flavour, I never quite had quinoa this way before.


Tapioca pearl chips and cheese are the potato chips of the future, loved the texture and flavours!


How about some chinese prata? Similar to spring onion pancakes without the grease.

What's a session with Chef Janice Wong without any of her sweet creations? Most are available as part of their Christmas collection.


These 3D painted chocolates come in 4 different flavours - rose orange blossom, gula melaka, praline poprocks and salted caramel. I enjoyed salted caramel best! On a separate note they look too exquisite to even eat!


Enzyme    lego    Chocolates\


Enzyme Brownie on Chocolate Soil were my favourite of the day. Gooey chocolate brownies that tasted so good too! I'd love to see these in future!


Marshmellow Painting is part of their edible art installation series. Each of these can easily feed 50 or more, depending on expected crowd.Very theatrical and interactive but I'd prefer eating my marshmellows from a packet anytime.


Chocolate paint that have been branded 2amdessertbar's signature, these chocolate paint jars need some reheating before they can be used like paint!


Each colour is a different flavour and literally, you can have your paint and eat it!


76% Dark Chocolate Surprise Balls looked completely like christmas baubles! These are once again very laboriously handpainted.


Crack open for the surprise within!


I had an informative session and most certainly left with greater insight on the future of food. Meanwhile, do drop by their festive popup booth at the Christmas Market in Gardens by the Bay for more!

For members of the public who are keen to know more about the Future of Singapore, there are 2 more sessions with Chef Janice Wong completely free at the following timeslots!

Admission is FREE
Held at The Market Place (Near the Future Of Us Exhibition)
Sat 19 Dec 7-8pm
Sun 20 Dec 8-9pm
Chef Janice will prepare 3 items for tasting each session

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