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Cafe Ergo Sum @ Duxton Hill

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Back in the days of working in Raffles Place, I chanced upon Smoke Shack and the unforgettable sandwich then became the bar for all future sandwiches, subconsciously. They have since moved locations and spun off a new concept - Cafe Ergo Sum, whatever that really means, a place that offers pizzas, sandwiches and drinks.

Mirror mirror on the wall, what should I eat today?

Nothing fancy, except I stood firm on my choices for the night - hearty sandwiches no less.

Chivito ($16)

Also known as the  Montevideo, this is the equivalent of the Big Breakfast on a brunch menu.

Montrealer ($15)

New Yorker ($15)

This tasted similar to the montrealer despite including just beef and cheese.

The naming of their sandwiches with the states of america was smart, at least it brought me closer to the US of A.

All things equal, except for really snooty service this time round Cafe Ergo Sum/Smoke Shack does really mean sandwiches and possibly the best around. Trust me to be checking them out more often over lunch, the hike down the slope would warrant some good calories.

Cafe Ergo Sum
13 Duxton Hill

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