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Ah Bong's Italian @ Eng Hoon Street

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Finally, I tried Ah Bong's - well I suppose it took more than planets to align and lady luck to shine on me for that to happen since his opening hours are the bewitching 10 am to 2pm, Mondays - Saturdays. I may very well be the last glutton alive to give this hip place a go. Sharing the space is a famous Yong Tau Foo place and the crowds are split between these two stalls during lunch.

With a menu that changes daily, I suppose that keeps the interest fresh and alive.

Word has it that Ah Bong's is expanding and recruiting helpers to carry on his good work - perhaps relief the industrious Chris of some time to create more dishes.



Traditional Bolognese ($8)
Linguine, Beef, Pork, Tomato

I doggy packed mine and expectedly the noodles were not as firm as I would have wished but the flavour was spot on despite its lacklustre appearance.


Warm Bath ($7)
Penne, Anchovy Butter, Eggs Brulee, French Bean

An intriguing name given to a simple vegetarian pasta dish of sweetened scorched eggs, french beans and cheesy buttered penne.

Ah Bong's Italian
#01-46, 56 Eng Hoon St

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