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The Butchers Club Burger @ Clarke Quay

~Invited Session~


The Butchers Club Burger had always been on my meal plan during my Hong Kong trips, somehow time and space would always mean missing it until they decide to open a franchise on our shores.


Hip and very casual interior, I can imagine lots of table sharing involved and no private conversation remains...private.


Spot the aged beef.


Duck Fat Fries ($8)

Once upon a time, poutine was all the rage and while I never got down to trying a decent one, twice cooked fries became my favourite kind of junk food. Duck fat, seemingly made it twice the sin and satisfaction - extra crispy, extra brown and extra delightful.


Peroni Bottle ($12)

Beers and burgers, go better than bangers and mash. Lame joke as it is.


AW Root Beer Float ($7)

For sure AW taught me so well and even in other fast food restaurants the preference for a float would always been a root beer.


The Burger ($20)
Bacon, Cheese, Tomato, Pickle, Special Sauce

A teaser of their burgers begins here - the beef are aged in house before being minced and made into patties. Cooked till medium doneness, their burgers are fixed that way and get ready to take on a well charred patty that crumbles with the bacon and cheese. Cheese burgers, are never quite the same until you eat one from TBCB.


Damn those fries. 

I love secrets. Welcome into the world of the not-so-secret menu of TBC because folks in Singapore need more than nudging to poke beyond the main menu. Enigma codes were in vogue before and a tap of a button does get you to the other side - if the flip of the menu does not.


Double Happiness ($38)
Double Patty, Double Cheese and all the fixins between two grilled cheese sammys

Ready a man-petite to take this down or lose in the face of food. Doubles of everything hence the double happiness, I say even my half of this was more than enough after all the chomping I have been indulging in. Weight watchers please do not apply, this will not only throw the diet out of the window but screw it several times over.

I say eat this with a beer or two and you're set for a happy day ahead. 


Captain Ahab ($24)
Panko Breaded Fresh New Zealand Ling Fillet with Homemade Tartare and Spicy Coleslaw

So it was no dory (thank goodness!), cod or even halibut, ling fillets are used in this chunky dory burger that shrieks freshness all over. The fishing is done almost on the same day including time differences and air flown to be served and depending on your luck, you may very well score one that flew in earlier in the day!



Chef at work. 


Weighed individually!

Panko breaded and chunky, this made sinking my teeth into quite a task though all the happily ever after that happened thereafter was an unimaginable bliss despite being very stuffed. A filet-o-fish burger gone upscale, the portions and freshness justify the price and most certainly - who says they only do good beef?


Wu Tang Style ($25)
Fried in Sriracha, Topped with Cheese, Kimchi, Kewpie Mayo and Tempura Sweet Potato

Blink and you may just miss the kimchi layer beneath the sweet potato tempura slices. I found this a subdued one though sriracha makes my mouth water already. Like it or hate it, there are no inbetweens.


Straight up, a place for those who love their beef with a vengeance, well non-beef lovers can apply because the understanding folks have a menu for the pescatarians and vegetarians. But, salads are absolutely frowned upon in the kitchens. Go sinful, or go home unfortunately. Neither is there spaced for frivolous dessert seekers - while plans are on standby for anything sweet that goes with burgers, they are not just about to confuse diners on their strictly burger formula.


With just 6 varieties on the menu and secret menu, TBCB ups their stakes with kitchen takeovers by guest chefs. First up is Chef Bjorn Shen from Artichoke cooking up a storm with his very own chicken burger tonight!

The Butchers Club Burger
3A River Valley Road #01-01B

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