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Tandoor Sunday Brunch @ Holiday Inn Orchard City Center

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It is not everyday that I eat Indian food, much less Indian food for brunch. The last invited tasting at Tandoor was memorable and with a reasonably priced Indian Brunch Buffet in the works, I thought why not?

Reservations went breezily, my details were noted by the central hotel hotline and I was given a reminder call the day before too. Yet, when I arrived none of the details were captured and they were running on full house.

1) I could have overturned the tables and demanded my reservation was valid.
2) Let the staff do what they can.

Obviously, in my head anger had gotten the better of me. Thankfully the staff did their best and accorded us a table.


The spread complete with a crystal chandelier.



A tooth achingly sweet row of...sweets.


And more sweets of course.


Mango lassi is a must try, tasting almost like liquefied mango sago.


Live station alert!


Thosai made on the spot with aloo fillings.


Watch them sizzle.


The plate designs intrigued me, how complicated and beautiful it can be at the same time.


I usually avoid salads like plague during a buffet, unless very necessary. Refreshing to find green chillies part of the spread, makes a seemingly innocent salad fiery now.


I have never gotten down to trying chaats, these are savoury street snacks. These morsel sized dough crackers are topped with yogurt, cheese and what looks like paprika powder.

Interesting first try, the flavours do not clash but it was not my idea of a match made in heaven combination.


Somehow I still prefer prata to thosai but the potato filling was delicious!


Garlic naans to complete the meal, these hand pulled ones are specked with herbs and are so aromatic. Just a gentle reminder to go easy on these carbs - or suffer later!


My DIY vegetarian platter of curries and falalel balls. Delicious spread with the curries all tasting so different and I never quite enjoyed cottage cheese this much until Indian cuisine. Between chinese vegetarian and indian, my preference would be the latter.


Seconds of cottage cheese!


The non vegetarian options comprised mostly of grilled meat and curries too.


Desserts not to be missed, I probably could not finish everything on the plate since the sugar levels were sky rocketing through the roof! The bite-sized confections were easier to ingest with its petite sizes though I too found them sweet.

The milk pudding, syrup soaked donut and sweetened cheese was hinging on too odd to stomach beyond one mouth. I suppose indian sweets is still a department I have yet to conquer fully, and Mango Lassi still stays as a personal favourite.

Brunch at Tandoor was a packed affair, I suppose the Indian community resonate with the offerings. Reasonably priced on groupon, and worth that one lunch!

Holiday Inn Orchard City Center

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