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See you at the anchor event of Healthy Lifestyle Festival 2015!

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On October 25, the last of the roadshows of Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG took place at Hougang Central Hub and I was once again a guest judge for the 30 minute Healthy and Tasty Cook-off! 

This time I was guest judging with two chefs! 



The contesting groups that day comprised of…


Husband and wife
Oatmeal Tofu Crepes







The Indian contestants have surprised me with how much effort goes into putting a meal on the table especially when everything is made from scratch. This time, it was Oatmeal Tofu Crepes! Lots of hilarious interactions with this husband and wife duo, the husband nearly mistook honey for lemon juice when creating their smashed avocado appetizer and the wife was so close to shrieking at him! Kitchen dynamics indeed.


Mincemeat and Basil Brown rice vermicelli and chicken patty




Teamwork was very evident here with the ladies – one concentrated on the main course and the other on dessert. They did not cross each other’s paths but managed to stir up such an aromatic storm in their station! The induction cooker did cause some misery for them and they dashed to the oven for rescuing of their meat patties. 


Mother and daughter
Cold soba and grilled garlic prawns




This was a coolest team ever, both were as cool as cucumber throughout the cookout, barely sweating in the heat from the competition and from the stove! Even when the pan got too hot for their grilled prawns, both maintained a very cool stature and pulled off a really beautifully plated dish! They even had time for a self concocted refreshing drink to pair too! 


Husband and wife
Portobello Pockets



This other husband and wife duo hammed things up with plenty of amusement! The husband mused that this 30 minute ordeal was way more stressful than 5 years in his job.




Can you guess which one emerged tops? 



Looks like girlfriends had more chemistry than the rest this time!





Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG has concluded all 4 roadshows in neighbourhoods all over Singapore and will now end off with a big bang this November 8. This anchor event will showcase a range of activities for one and all, old and young
My pet event will definitely be the finals of the 30-minute Healthy and Tasty Cook-Off where I will be guest judging again to witness 4 teams roughing out in the kitchen in their bid to emerge champs! If you remember, this husband and wife duo trumped at the first cookout held in Tampines and also the most recent winning duo? They will all be at the finals too! I cannot wait to see what other exciting recipes they have under their sleeves this time. These contestants have come a long way from shortlisting to going through a round of mentorship and the semi finals held throughout the month of October. 

I never knew how much impact attending a single Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG event would have on my life – and I’m not saying this because this is a sponsored post. 

Heightened awareness of foods with Healthier Choice Food Symbols
Prior to this, I was aware that my rolled oats and milk happened to have these symbols. Thereafter, my grocery shopping has included more products with this symbol – why not choose to eat healthier for a better and longer life ahead?

10K steps!
Truth be told, I once scoffed at fitbits and equivalent devices that tracked distances walked or even sleep quality. I thought it was gimmicky even. Randomly, I discovered that my smartphone has the same function (though not as accurate as a device strapped to my wrists but a gauge is better than none at all!) and that was when I realised I was not walking enough, in fact shy of the recommended 10,000 steps. 
I began a personal goal to reach 10,000 steps daily and have even converted my Mom on this walk off between both of us! I never knew she would be so competitive and took me on with updates on her progress throughout the day. There was a particular day that we both clocked close to 9k and was neck to neck in this “competition”! 

30 minute recipes
Now that I have gotten some inspiration what to cook at home in 30 minutes, I am likely to replicate the pizza and masala chicken wrap recipes during my weekly cookouts! 


Having my laksa and eating it?
It is all about the choices we make at meal times and sometimes eating healthy does not restrict to boring meals – we just have to make up for it through exercising. I actually indulged in kimchi hotpot, fried chicken wings and my favourite ramen throughout the week! I suppose these are healthier choices as compared to fast food? 
What else is there to expect on 8 November?
On top of being able to savour tasty food and drinks on site (Vitagen is always the most popular booth!), participants can join in cooking workshops and demonstrations to pick up tips. Free BMI and eye screenings will be available and there will also be mass exercise sessions – trampoline fitness programmes, ActiveSG Dance Fitness Party and more! Not to worry, there are also activities for children like the Kids’ Sports Zone and more!

Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG Anchor Festival, 10am-9pm:
Singapore Sports Hub & Kallang Wave Mall | 7-8 Nov
For more details, log onto!

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