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"Savouring Latin America" at Oscar's @ Conrad Singapore

~Invited Session~

Latin America takes center stage at Oscar's Restaurant this November till 4 December, diners taste buds will be in for a treat with seasonal specials from Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru. The buffet celebrates the rich culture and diversity of the continent through the cuisines, featuring popular street snacks too!


On top of the seasonal delights, the usual spread is also available! The best things of the buffet are often the seafood.


Tuck into fresh oysters, shucked on the spot! I was most definitely saving stomach space for the limited editions.


On top of salads, there are a series of cold appetizers served in martini glasses! Like dessert shots, these are too cute to ignore.


No Latin American feast is ever complete without starting on nachos! There are two flavours available, the fiery red paprika and normal. Pair them with guacamole, I say I am ready for the rest of the meal.


Seafood it seems, is another characteristic of the region's cuisine. Good golly, those jumbo sized juicy prawns!


White asparagus is back in season, it seems! Dig into these prized greens at the buffet line - free flow too! I remember combing the streets of Frankfurt just for these and they are priced by weight in Singapore too.


Expect lots of beans, corn, chillies and limes in their dishes.


Peruvian Asparagus and Egg Sauce deserves a mention here - I loved the juicy bulbs that are the richer cousin of the green asparagus. Egg sauce hardly sounds appetizing but wait till you taste the marriage of the two, light tasting but so appetizing!


Keep a lookout for this gorgeous seductive display of the jamon ham - sliced upon request and tasty is an understatement. Plenty of cheeses to go as well.









Ox Tongue Tacos with Beans, Onion, Guacamole, Chipotle Mayonnaise, Coriander 

One of the many live stations and possibly one that deserves seconds and even thirds of. I am a wraps, taco, quesadilla and even tortilla fan. I sound like I am made for the Latin American cuisine already. I love the ox tongue used in the dish instead of usual bolognese or rice. Plenty of textures and flavours going on - the lime squeeze is a must for the tangy finale. 


Delectable hot mains include a must try Black Bean Stew with Pork Sausage (the pork sausages were all taken by the time I started eating!), Seafood cooked in Chilli and Garlic and a tender Roasted Leg of Lamb with Chimichurri Sauce.

All the nibbles made me full really quickly but I had to save space for dessert!


Churros with Chocolate Sauce is the closest encounter I have had with Latin American desserts. These are best eaten piping hot! Other interesting finds included Corn Cake with Vanilla Sauce, a cake with gritty texture. Most of the desserts remain true to their roots, the sweetness can get overbearing for most.


If all else fails, there have freshly made waffles with a selection of icrecream flavours and toppings too!

The "Savouring Latin America" promotion runs till early december, do give the buffet a try and perhaps be inspired to book a flight to the other part of the world. For now, Spain tempts very much!

Lunch: $59++ (Adult), $29.50++ (Child) [Monday - Saturday]
Dinner: $69++ (Adult), $34.50++ (Child) [Sunday - Thursday]
             $80++ (Adult), $40++  (Child) [Friday - Saturday]
Brunch: $80++ or $158++ (with free flow of Louis Roederer Brut Premier, NV Champagne, housewines or beer)

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