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Park Bench Deli @ Amoy Street

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The fried chicken sandwich had me at hello - after one failed visit, my second ended up with a completely new menu. I'm sorry but my meals are usually purpose-driven - what I intend to eat has to be what I actually eat. So fried chicken no more, and a ton of options sold out, we made do with the cured meat sandwich.


The descriptions tickled me though - many many meat.



Cured Meat Sandwich ($16)

Served on a brioche with a heap of ham and salami, topped with melted cheese I thought this was Subway upsized and upscaled.


Neh Neh Pops have also found their way into the Deli - at $7 a pop, I need not hunt them down at Artichoke or public gardens anymore.


The full range of flavours were for sale and I went for the highly raved Mango Sticky Rice.

While I knew that these popsicles are not the usual skinny sort - who'd know that they would go so over the top with generosity. Fine, $7  can pay for 2 or even 3 popsicles.


Mango rice pudding flavoured popsicle coated with white chocolate encrusted with crushed nuts and rice krispies. That in itself is a mouthful to read out much less handle all in a bite. Well, either go big or go home? I enjoyed my popsicle until the portions got the better of me, it was hinging on an overload so I would highly recommend sharing it.


Made without preservatives, I suppose that makes me happy and all the other healthier nuts grin.  There are a ton of other flavours  with a certain chocolate Sneekers bar that promises a sugar rush higher than caffeine. But, first let me garner enough courage to return and take on the popsicle all myself next.

The menu was definitely pricier than before and missing out on chicken completely though the owner confessed having a chick up his sleeves - something along the lines of curry and fried chicken.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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  1. Awesome pictures really tempting to come and eat all ice creams great share