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Avenue Joffre @ Resorts World Sentosa

~Invited Session~


Avenue Joffre, a dining establishment with a unique concept of Chinese food, has opened its first branch in Singapore at Crockfords Towers, Resorts World Sentosa. This is probably the first of its kind, having four different master chefs under a single roof and offering cuisines from various parts of China including Zhejiang, Szechuan, Beijing and Guangdong.

During the 1930s and 40s, Avenue Joffre (now known as Huaihai Road), was an area located within Shanghai’s French Concession and also referred to as Shanghai’s “Avenue des Champs-Elysees”. Members of high society, government officials, and movers and shakers of the time would mingle at this hub for fashion, arts and culture. 

It was my privilege to meet the chefs behind the scenes, each taking charge of a particular cuisine - possibly a first in Singapore even!


Executive Chef, IP Chi Kwong, is the master of Cantonese Cuisine and oversees the entire kitchen’s operations. A native from Hong Kong, Chef Ip has been serving the rich and famous his well-known delicate and authentic Cantonese dishes.


Master Chef GU Xiao Rong is the Head Chef for Szechuan Cuisine. Chef Gu has been working in China and Hong Kong for the past three decades and has led a restaurant in Hong Kong to achieve a 1-Michelin star status for 5 consecutive years since 2011, thanks to his bold in Szechuan cuisine.

Master Chef ZHOU Yuan Chang will head the restaurant’s Shanghainese cuisine division. Born into a family with renowned Shanghainese chefs, Chef Zhou started his career in 1971 and has since reaped a great number of culinary awards. 


Master Chef GE Xian’e the Culinary Master for Dim Sum is also nicknamed “The Queen of Dim Sum”, Master Ge has gained fame in China since 1983 where she was named the “Best Dim Sum Chef” in the first China National Cooking Presentation in Beijing.

Avenue Joffre Appetiser Platter

I would have expected a cold dish platter ala wedding dinners, but this came in plates. Over ordering is highly advised against and save some space for their other culinary delights!

Roasted Crispy 5-layered Pork Belly

Just the way I like it, an uber crispy layer, thin layer of jellied fats and last but not least a chunk of meat. Sublime with a dab of mustard.  


Roasted Suckling Pig

The highlight of any suckling pig dish is the skin and this definitely did not disappoint in terms of crispiness and that glazed layer of fat too!  


Marinated Black Fungus


Zhenjiang Pork Terrine

This is like jellied pork, a dish that I grew up eating with wild boar. Tasty and acquired for some. 


Signature Marinated Chicken in Spicy Sauce

Now now, we are finally talking spicy chinese fare, this barely cause a ripple in the tongue but is one of those scarier than they look dishes. The chicken was so tender, I would have mistaken the skin for meat as well. Very fragrant and delicious, if only the spices could bring on some heat, that would have been ideal. 


Thinly Sliced Beef in Chilli Oil

A crowd pleaser despite its unpalatable looking exterior, these thin beef slices were mighty satisfying doused in chilli oil.  


Double-boiled Shanghai Minced Pork Ball

A seemingly simple looking soup dish turned out to be a bi product of several hours of effort, pork and fish bones contributed to a hearty and very comforting bowl of broth and the shanghai version of minced pork ball was fluffy and tender! A gauge of its standard - it is supposed to fall off with a single prod.


Szechuan Poached Sliced Fish in Chilli Oil


I have long heard about this Szechuan specialty but was only until this meal that I confronted it. Another of those fearsome looking dishes, this was literally covered in chilli oil, dried chilli and peppercorns and the fresh tilapia fish was nowhere to be seen beneath the heap.


Stir Fried Diced Chicken with Dried Red Chilli

Spot them fried chicken pieces in this ridiculous looking heap as well, but when I unearthed the golden nuggets, it was pure ecstasy. Best fried chicken of the year, easily. No wonder dramas always show china men armed with a bottle of beer tucking into these as pub grub, without any of the fancy sauces or portions. Here's hearty and satisfying all in a plate. A must try!


Braised Abalone and Fish Maw

This reminded me of the impending Chinese New Year and the copious amounts of delicacies we chinese love to indulge in.  


Tiger King Prawn with Homemade Tofu

A stunning display of tiger prawns and a beautiful creation of spinach tofu. Delicious is an understatement, I wish I had space for more of those fresh prawns. 


Roasted Peking Duck





Served in authentic Peking style - with sugar. While I never quite got the hang of eating it with sugar, rolling it up in crepe and sweet sauce is an equally yummy way of eating this. 


Stir-fried Shredded Duck in Brown Sauce

On the sweet side, this shredded duck would go perfect with steamed rice or noodles even. 


Hong Kong Style Barbecued Pork and Fried Egg on Rice

Off the menu, this comforting option is available for a pop of $15. Pricey methinks for caramelized barbequed pork, fried egg and steamed white rice. I suppose there are days that justify this but on that note, still very delicious.


As promised by Master Ge, her handmade xiao long baos packed a chewy skin and flavourful stuffing. Handcrafted goodness!

Selection of Dessert


Sesame paste fritters


These resembled crab shells with their shape and are stuffed with winter melon paste. The flaky pastry and sweet stuffing is a winner, best eaten hot too. 


The rest of mango sago and a cooling dessert are also good options.  

Take a walk down Avenue Joffre for a taste of the oriental, a journey that promises to surprise and tantalise. 

Avenue Joffre
26 Sentosa Gateway, #02-137/138/139 (Next to Osia)

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