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WHEAT Baumkuchen @ International Plaza

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Since Burger King got booted out of International Plaza, there has been a series of new shops - more choices for us lunch crowd diners! WHEAT Baumkuchen was first spotted in Raffles Place and rose to popularity for its low calorie noodle based dishes; great for the gym bunnies and health conscious working crowd. The same fever has hit Tanjong Pagar with the eatery filled with enough people for takeaway to be a very feasible option.

We made a beeline to order and the workers form a beeline putting my order together. Most if not all orders were put together rather hastily and presentation was definitely not on the top of their list with most things dunked in.

Whale ($7.80)
Rice noodles, sesame sauce, black pepper chicken, salad

Peppery is the main flavour of this dish, cold rice noodles tossed in a familiar sesame sauce and served with salad greens. 

Salmon ($9)
Green Soba, yuzu sauce, grilled salmon, salad

The slab of salmon was stale but the tangy yuzu infused soba noodles more than made up for it. 

The portions are good enough for one though top ups are available for big eaters, I would prefer a hearty salad to this anyday. If anything, I sought inspiration for my weekly cookouts from WHEAT!

WHEAT Baumkuchen
International Plaza, #01-19

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