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Honey Creme @ 313 Somerset

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~Invited Session~


These days queueing for sweet treats is a standard procedure and the waiting time can last anytime from half an hour to longer. From the first days of bubble tea, kopi boy, frozen yogurt and now, soft serves, my country folk and I are guilty of at least indulging in one of the abovementioned.


These imported cones are supposed to be able to last through slurping and licking and still maintaining its crunch.

Honey Creme was a Korean concept launched in Taiwan as shared by their owners Sherry and Jo in a bid to clear the air about its cloudy origins - not that anyone really cares where it is from when it tastes so good.

A self declared sweet tooth, Sherry is the brain behind all these sweet inspirations and has a word of advice for all dessert lovers - eat dessert and less of everything else!


Honey comb, the beginning of all sweet dreams. 


Honey Creme Honey Comb ($5.90)

Honey Creme dreams started with this single cup of soft serve topped with a honey comb. Nothing fancy but this combination proved ingenious when first launched in Taiwan and even locally sparking off a ton of copy cats. Only meant for those nursing a huge sweet tooth, the amount of sugar rush amassed enough energy to take on a movie marathon. This is best eaten with a drizzle of longan honey despite the sweetness.

The owners have indeed hatched a sweet plan to keep customers clamouring for their sweet treats by comign up with new flavours every quarter. Best selling creations get a chance to be featured as part of their permanent menu.

Honey Creme Caramel Biscotti ($5.90)

Conceived in a tie up with Cosmopolitan Magazine, this features a mouth watering spread of cranberries, buttered toasts and crushed caramel biscotti. This ends its run on 31st May. 


Honey Creme Teh Gah Dai ($6.20)
Alishan Tea, Organic Cotton Candy and toasted marshmallows

In the Alishan Milk Tea series are three concoctions featuring Alishan Tea as the main ingredient and homemade pearls. I found the Tea flavoured soft serve very fragrant and subtle.

Joining the SG50 celebrations are a number of limited edition seasonal creations.


Honey Creme Pandan Gula Melaka ($6)
Pandan flavoured soft serve, puffed rice, attap chee, toasted coconut chips, gula melaka

I loved this with so many local ingredients captured in a single dessert, the toasted coconut chips gave it texture and the sticky swirls of gula melaka made this a lipsmacking delicious one. A merlion butter cookie will be served alongside with this during the National Day long weekend - perfect for those staying put! 


Honey Creme Cereal Milk ($5.90)
Cereal-infused soft serve, crunchy cornflake mix

Seeking inspiration from breakfast cereal, this aromatic and buttery number is great for those who prefer fussfree desserts without too much going on. I enjoyed digging into the soft serve for the crunchy bits.

It amazes me how much dedication that goes into every single cup - from making all ingredients in house to  mastering the perfect 10 swirl and ensuring every swirl has chockfuls of ingredients. Unlike what most naysayers wave this off as just another overhyped concept, I actually loved their heartfelt and creative offerings. 

"Life is short, eat dessert first." Amen.

Opening of New Store at Jem  Mid July 2015
Availability of Pandan Gula Melaka - 313@Somerset: 1 June - 30 September 2015
Availability of Cereal Milk ($5.90)  -  313@Somerset: From 1st June 2015, Jem: From mid-July 2015

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