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Happy Oven @ Beo Crescent

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Happy Oven is one of those neighbourhood bakeries that seem to be a thing of the past but still strikes a chord with those born before the strawberry generation.


The sis kindly picked a few items off the rack for sharing one dinner and don't these bite sized portions look so cute?


Chocolate Cake


Sugar Roll

I have been pampered by Polar's soft and fluffy version that all other sugar rolls cannot seem to match up in either texture or taste.


Marble Cake

Somehow I associate marble cake to a childhood treat, I always marvel at the chocolate swirls.


Fruit Tarts

Pretty to look at and despite the mess it creates, I actually liked this enough of the lot.


Apple Crumble

I always wonder how apple jam comes about being flavoured so artificially yet not overly so.

It is heartening to know that neighbourhood bakeries still exist, not for taste but just for memories' sake.

Happy Oven
40 Beo Crescent

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