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Starbucks x G.O.D. @ Duddell Street, Hong Kong

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I am a hardcore G.O.D. fan since day one and as much as I wish my house was mostly furnished by the label, it was not the case. The collaboration between Starbucks and G.O.D. has become a touristy hangout in Central area and I finally checked it out after so many missed attempts.

This 2012 tie up is the world’s first Starbucks coffee shop that departs radically form their signature interior design. The style is based on Hong Kong-style snack houses from the 1960s with a twist.


Menus written in chinese and on acryllic panels that are a thing of the past.


A television of this size is unheard of in my generation but this would bring back huge memories for the parents.


Going further back in time with handwritten menu cards.


I personally adore the nostalgic touches and having a backdrop like this does create that atmosphere. Now, I just need to change my hairdo and attire to fit into the past.


A wedding couple going back in time! A tip though, they should've donned traditional outfits to fit into that era.


Red Bean Clay Pot Pudding (HKD 13)

The outcome of the collaboration was so impressive that Starbucks even change some of the items on their menu to go with the interior! Llimited edition G.O.D. x Starbucks products are available in store. 

This red bean clay pot pudding is one of them. Fondly known as "putt zai gou" to me, the translation does get me rolling over in amusement. Miles off from the real deal, this was close to the peranakan kueh texture and density. A modern take on a treat of the past - all in, my curiosity is satisfied.

A second store is already available in Mong Kok and a return to Hong Kong soonish is a must for more of these charming collaborations!

Starbucks + Bing Sutt Concept
Shop M2, Mezzanine Floor
Baskerville House
13 Duddell Street, Central

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