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SIN - HK - SIN: Cathay Pacific

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Cathay Pacific has been the preferred airline for travel since I started adoring Hong Kong. Recounting my travels, I have actually flown CX almost around the world and this was possibly the only time I was bumped up to Business Class.

Sigh, why not on the long hauls!

SIN - HK (Once is never enough)

Better than none at all, I console myself.

So then, welcome to business class which translates to personalised greetings (gone are the days stewardesses memorize your name, there is a sheet infront of them with all the scribbled surnames silly!), a three course meal served on proper porcelain plates, drinks in glasses and my cutlery is not plastic. Oh, even the earphones are not removed prior to landing and the leg room! Before I forget, there are facilities to charge the phone, convert the seat into a reclining one without incurring the wrath of the passenger behind. So much so, I wish the flight did not end so fast.

Yes I do already love business class - and only wish I had all the luck or better still, the money for these indulgent flights.


Juice up, first.


My platter of fruits arrived next, I wish those were Japanese strawberries or at least sweet.


A hot and flaky croissant served fresh from the microwave.


A choice of yogurt or muesli.


We get to see all the main courses before selecting off a menu card (if one is even given).


For once, I opted for an Asian breakfast. Prawn and fish congee with a side of rice rolls in XO sauce. Neither were the kind of breakfast I would accept in Hong Kong, home made and barely considered culinary delights.


The best thing gotten from Cathay Pacific's shopping catalogue is a return ticket on their Airport Express and unlimited 3 day MTR travel all for HKD 290 ( HKD 10 cheaper than buying over the counter) and there is a refund of HKD 50 when you return the card. HKD 240 all in for three days was an incredible deal, the husband travelled ala carte and chalked up more than the sum by the second day.

On the flight back I was not as lucky to be bumped up but hooray to emergency exit seats.


The usual salted peanuts.


It was a beef rice or pasta and recounting how they taste, it was beef rice or none at all.  Tasty beef strips with piping hot rice had to be godsent so high up in the air. Strangely, this was way tastier than my breakfast on Business Class.


Chocolate icecream in such tiny tubs!

And with all the travels done on Cathay Pacific, CX is truly a great way to fly.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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