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Pantler @ Telok Ayer

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Kki used to be a favourite lunch hangout place in the Tanjong Pagar area despite its inaccessibility. Therapy is walking into a cake shop, hemming and hawwing over what to order and then finding a photogenic corner to snap shots of my order and finally savour every bite.

I wish every lunch break was this therapeutic though.

Pantler is both a cafe and a patisserie and until I stepped into the shop I always thought that it was just a patisserie. There is a limited savoury menu comprising mainly of sandwiches and side salads - I recommend heading next doors for some awesomeness and popping over for the sweet finish and a cuppa (Dutch colony beans are stocked here).

Choux Creme ($5.50)
Light and crispy choux pastry, filled with pastry cream and a crunchy nougatine

I never quite got over Tampopo's cream puff. It was the benchmark set for all great cream puffs and I am not sure if they still have that deliriously good puff and the great puff to me is made of a light and crispy choux pastry and filled with a filling as light as the puff. Awesome is not even feeling like I even ate a calorie heavy puff. 

Choux Creme had an impresive pastry start and fell hard with its rich and thick vanilla bean speckled cream. It is a no brainer why they would recommend dining in just for this, I can imagine the pastry collapsing from the sheer weight and density of the filling in no time. 

Ruby Tart ($7.50)
Pink grapefruit compote,  tart base of Pâte sucrée (sweet shortcrust pastry), with pastry cream and fresh cream

After the startling start, I approached this with some apprehension.

It was a mountain to conquer on its own, a tart base topped with grapefruit and lastly, a huge dollop of cream. I massacred it somewhat trying to slice it for the cross section.

Not the best tart, I figure eating it without the fancy whipped cream would have been heaps more manageable.

Too much seems to be what they are grappling with, at least for these two dessert choices I was not blown away. I may just return for their lighter options of flan, cheesecake or even just the croissant but for now, even Matt's The Chocolate Shop just across the road does seem easier to stomach.

198 Telok Ayer Street

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